Version history

Following features will be released soon:

  • Extended Compliance Configuration with Escalation
  • Intranet-Browser in combination with our Universal Gateway
  • Integration of more Windows 10-API´s
  • Expense Management
  • Remote Control powered by Teamviewer
  • etc.

AppTec EMM Build EMM1803

EMM Management Console:

  • Some Icons have been replaced (e.g.: SecurePIM)
  • Style improvements has been implemented that make certain tabs more visible (e.g. the sources for an app installation)
  • The profile you are currently editing will always be displayed at the left side.
  • Selecting a group profile now shows which groups are affected by this profile
  • The Enrollment page for iOS and MacOS has been improved and now shows improved notification if, for example, no APNS certificate has been found
  • Several improvements to increase the performance has been implemented


  • A Problem has been fixed that caused playstore apps to not be displayed correctly in the console
  • A Problem has been fixed that caused the appstore to be empty


  • Automatic OS Update is now possible without DEP but in this case requires iOS 10.3 and supervised mode
  • The VPP App List will now be sorted alphabetically
  • A Hint has been added if the Enterprise Appstore is not displayed because Javascript is deactivated
  • You will be warned that disabling Javascript will end up in a not working Enterprise Appstore
  • Under certain circumstances mandatory app installation has not begun right after the enrollment. This is now fixed.
  • If an app-configuration contained integer the configuration was not applied correctly. This has been fixed.
  • Files App has been added to the sys app restrictions.
  • “Outlook” has been added to BYOD


  • App Management has been added. This contains Installed Apps and Mandatory Apps (In-House and VPP)

Windows 10 PC:

  • App Management has been added. This contains Installed Apps, Black-/Whitelisting and Sys App Restrictions

AppTec EMM Build EMM1802 | Current Appliance Build (201810)

EMM Management Console:

  • Implemented many additional security features.
  • Fixed a bug that made it possible to edit a Super Root without being Super Root.
  • Fixed an issue that caused certain pages under android profiles to crash or load indefinitely (e.g. Mandatory App List, PIM Management)

AppTec EMM Build EMM1801

EMM Management Console:

  • Auto Enrollment for groups is now possible.
  • In very rare cases multiple devices got created while using auto enrollment. This is now fixed.
  • Mass Enrollment for OSX and Win10 Computer is now possible
  • Mass Enrollment for groups is now possible


  • A problem regarding the OpenVPN configuration has been solved.
  • A problem regarding the Cisco Annyconnect configuration has been solved.
  • On some devices the logs of the AppTec App could not be exported correctly. This has been fixed.
  • The AppTec Client will now check if an APK is compatible on the devices CPU architecture.

AppTec EMM Build EMM1712

EMM Management Console:

  • Devices can now be created in a group or moved into it.


  • Automatic App Updates for InHouse Apps implemented.
  • It is now possible to set a time in which app updates will be performed for apps in kiosk mode.

AppTec EMM Build EMM1711

EMM Management Console:

  • Various improvements affecting all app lists


  • Various improvements that increase stability and performance

AppTec EMM Build EMM1710

EMM Management Console:

  • A Problem with file attachements in Bug Reports and Feature Requests has been fixed


  • Android for Work Device Owner Mode has been added
  • KNOX Enrollment has been added
  • AppTec VPN Client has been added (requires the Universal Gateway)
  • Some Bugs affecting Kiosk Mode on older Devices are now fixed
  • A problem has been fixed that prevented changes of the bluetooth configuration with the AppTec Settings App if the device was in Kiosk Mode and/or the Android Settings were blocked


  • Apple TV has been added to the SysApp Restrictions
  • Re-Push of InHouse App now works properly

Universal Gateway:

  • The Universal Gateway can now be used as VPN Server (Android only)

AppTec EMM Build EMM1709

EMM Management Console:

  • Support for MacOS added
  • Support for Windows 10 PC/Laptop added
  • New Icons for different device types have been added
  • If you change between Mobile Management and General Settings, you selection will be saved


  • Fixed a bug that prevented the usage of fingerprint or iris scan in Samsung KNOX
  • In some countries the SMS for the enrollment got modified by the provider which caused the SMS enrollment to fail. This has been changed and works now in every country


  • Integrated the new SecurePIM Function “CallKit” which allows resolving incoming calls based on the SecurePIM contacts
  • New selection for certificates has been added
  • Support for SCEP has been added
  • A message can now be displayed on the lock screen

AppTec EMM Build EMM1708

EMM Management Console:

  • In some cases the “Deleted DEP Pool” have not been displayed. This is now fixed


  • Fixed a Bug that sometimes caused Auto Enrollment Devices to be added multiple times

AppTec EMM Build EMM1707

EMM Management Console:

  • A problem that shared group folders were not displayed correctly has been fixed
  • Under certain circumstances the shares of a folder was not removed correctly


  • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented removing shares in contentbox

AppTec EMM Build EMM1706

EMM Management Console:

  • Creating a User will no longer move the selection to the top and no longer collapse some parts of the tree


  • Added a Roaming Country Whitelist
  • Added “Allow AppManagement while roaming”
  • A Log event now appears if a device is trying to roam outside of the whitelisted countries
  • QR-Code Enrollment with Apple Wallet App

Universal Gateway:

  • Usernames and Passwords with special characters (ö.ä.ü) are now working properly

AppTec EMM Build EMM1705

EMM Management Console:

  • Reporting can now be sorted by date properly
  • Server Manager and Account Overview now displays all super root users correctly
  • Console Settings now supports timezone


  • Added “Deleted DEP” Pool
  • Added an Update Button to the Enterprise Appstore
  • GPS Service can now be enabled and disabled

AppTec EMM Build EMM1704

ContentBox 3.0 for iOS released:

  • Added a separate Uploads & Settings section
  • Failed Uploads can now be restarted
  • Multi Upload added
  • Multi Delete added
  • Multi Move added
  • New popup for outdated files
  • Added sorting and filtering
  • Folders are now getting refreshed automatically
  • Various small improvements


  • Fixed a bug which caused deleted DEP devices to still use a license
  • Fixed small Bugs with Multi VPP

AppTec EMM Build EMM1703

EMM Management Console:

  • Console width can be set
  • Session Timeout can be set
  • Implemented a warning that informs you about your soon expiring session


  • Fixed a bug that sometimes showed 0000000000 as MAC address
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the app upload if some information of the manifest are missing
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused a crash if an user tried to disable the device admin

Universal Gateway:

  • Implemented a retry method for acquiring Kerberos Tickets

AppTec EMM Build EMM1702


  • Fixed a bug where the maximum inactivity time lock was not set correctly on some devices
  • Restriction “Allow User Creation” implemented
  • The default settings app of sony devices is now supported by the Sys App Restrictions
  • Added different more restrictions and options to the kiosk mode
  • Implemented the AppTec Launcher
  • Implemented the Option to set the Wallpaper
  • Implemented the Policy Enforcement Mode

Universal Gateway:

  • Changed the kerberos ticket lifetime to avoid a bug of Windows Server 2012


  • Implemented the support for VPP B2B Apps
  • Various small bug fixes for VPP and DEP

AppTec EMM Build EMM1701


  • Apps in Kiosk Mode can now be updated

Windows Phone:

  • Fixed a Bug that prevented some customers from uploading inhouse Apps

Universal Gateway:

  • Fixed a bug, caused by unusual big header sizes
  • Implemented a new configuration option to set the maximum allowed header size manually

AppTec EMM Build EMM1612

Windows Phone:

  • Sys App Restrictions implemented
  • Automatic whitelisting of Inhouse Apps implemented
  • Windows Update control implemented
  • Fixed several issues with file uploading


  • Fixed a bug, concerning the usage of keytabs, which caused a segmentation fault
  • Changed the exception logging of OpenSSL-based errors, leading to a more precise explanation of the problem root
  • Fixed a bug in the http state processing, which led, under rare circumstances, to a false recognized state in chunked data processing

AppTec Server:

  • Implemented the new HTTP/2 APNS Interface, because the old interface was marked as legacy

AppTec EMM Build EMM1607

  • Auto Enrollment for Android devices (Android DEP powered by AppTec)
  • SIM-Card Management
  • IKEv2 VPN for iOS
  • Universal Gateway 2.0 supports now Multi- and Cross-domain
  • Auto-Update feature to force Apple iOS-Updates
  • different Optimizations and Bugfixes

AppTec EMM Build EMM1604

  • Ad Hoc GPS“ for iOS 9.3
  • Optimized the Anti Theft Feature
  • Support of the new app black- and whitelisting feature for iOS
  • different Optimizations and Bugfixes

AppTec EMM Build EMM1601

  • Universal Gateway with „Zero Touch Authentication“
  • Windows 10 Mobile Support with .appx-Support (Universal Apps)
  • Installation of Apple AppStore Apps without Apple-ID
  • etc.

AppTec EMM Build EMM1510

  • Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP) with full automation and multi-server-support
  • Role-Based-Access
  • Mass Enrollment for Apple Configurator
  • Mass URL Enrollment
  • Kiosk-Mode with Bluetooth-Scanner support
  • etc.

AppTec EMM Build EMM1503GI

  • Android OpenVPN Configuration
  • Android MDM Extended Uninstall Protection
  • Samsung KNOX Container (End of April Release)
  • Auto-update for integrated Third-Party-Apps
  • Integration of more Placeholder
  • ContentBox – For secure document distribution and mobile access to corporate documents.
  • Optimization of ContentBox App
  • Auto-configuration of ContentBox App
  • Support of External Storages for ContentBox
  • Audit Trail for ContentBox
  • iOS 8.2 support
  • Integration of the newest iOS API´s
  • iOS autoupdate of Apps when AppStore is blocked
  • iOS App Settings & Configuration
  • iOS Per-App-VPN optimization
  • iOS Wallpaper Configuration
  • Windows 8.1 support
  • Windows Phone AppStore with Signing Server
  • AppTec SecurePIM Container Integration
  • Divide Container Integration

AppTec EMM Build EMM1409GI

  • Extended Reporting
  • Integration of ContentBox for secure document distribution and mobile access to corporate documents.
  • Windows Phone 8 support.
  • etc.

AppTec EMM Build EMM1401GI

  • SMS Gateway for enrolling of devices via SMS.
  • Integration of Samsung SAFE for extended management functionality.
  • Free Antivirus for Android Devices.
  • iOS 7 and Apple Configurator (Supervised Mode).
  • Open-In Management
  • Mass Rollout
  • Optimization of Groupprofile Management
  • Mass Assignment
  • Intelligent Sys App Blocking
  • Extension of Sys App Restrictions for Huawei and Samsung
  • One-Touch-Installation
  • Optimization of LDAP
  • Web Contentfilter
  • Bugfixing

AppTec EMM Build EMM1309GI

  • Sys App restrictions for Android
  • Optimization of Android App
  • Optimization of Console Design
  • Bugfixing

AppTec EMM Build EMM1304GI

  • Optimization of AD/LDAP Integration
  • Integration of messaging container for mail, calender and contacts
  • Integration of Mail Template (Enrollment)
  • Redesign of Dashboard
  • App Manager incl. Enterprise App Store and Blacklisting of Apps
  • Optimization iOS App

AppTec EMM Build EMM1210BI

  • Web based management console has been optimized.
  • Profile based rights management has been revised.
  • Certificate server has been optimized.

AppTec EMM Build EMM1207BI

  • Web based management console has been optimized.
  • Multi-client capable architecture was integrated.
  • Report and Analyse was integrated.