Version history

Following features will be released soon:

  • OSX (MacBook) Support
  • Android for Work
  • Extended Compliance Configuration with Escalation
  • Intranet-Browser in combination with our Universal Gateway
  • Integration of more Windows 10-API´s
  • Windows 10 Laptop and PC support
  • Multi-App Kiosk Mode
  • Expense Management
  • Remote Control powered by Teamviewer
  • etc.

AppTec EMM Build EMM1607

  • Auto Enrollment for Android devices (Android DEP powered by AppTec)
  • SIM-Card Management
  • IKEv2 VPN for iOS
  • Universal Gateway 2.0 supports now Multi- and Cross-domain
  • Auto-Update feature to force Apple iOS-Updates
  • different Optimizations and Bugfixes

AppTec EMM Build EMM1604

  • Ad Hoc GPS“ for iOS 9.3
  • Optimized the Anti Theft Feature
  • Support of the new app black- and whitelisting feature for iOS
  • different Optimizations and Bugfixes

AppTec EMM Build EMM1601

  • Universal Gateway with „Zero Touch Authentication“
  • Windows 10 Mobile Support with .appx-Support (Universal Apps)
  • Installation of Apple AppStore Apps without Apple-ID
  • etc.

AppTec EMM Build EMM1510

  • Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP) with full automation and multi-server-support
  • Role-Based-Access
  • Mass Enrollment for Apple Configurator
  • Mass URL Enrollment
  • Kiosk-Mode with Bluetooth-Scanner support
  • etc.

AppTec EMM Build EMM1503GI

  • Android OpenVPN Configuration
  • Android MDM Extended Uninstall Protection
  • Samsung KNOX Container (End of April Release)
  • Auto-update for integrated Third-Party-Apps
  • Integration of more Placeholder
  • ContentBox – For secure document distribution and mobile access to corporate documents.
  • Optimization of ContentBox App
  • Auto-configuration of ContentBox App
  • Support of External Storages for ContentBox
  • Audit Trail for ContentBox
  • iOS 8.2 support
  • Integration of the newest iOS API´s
  • iOS autoupdate of Apps when AppStore is blocked
  • iOS App Settings & Configuration
  • iOS Per-App-VPN optimization
  • iOS Wallpaper Configuration
  • Windows 8.1 support
  • Windows Phone AppStore with Signing Server
  • AppTec SecurePIM Container Integration
  • Divide Container Integration

AppTec EMM Build EMM1409GI

  • Extended Reporting
  • Integration of ContentBox for secure document distribution and mobile access to corporate documents.
  • Windows Phone 8 support.
  • etc.

AppTec EMM Build EMM1401GI

  • SMS Gateway for enrolling of devices via SMS.
  • Integration of Samsung SAFE for extended management functionality.
  • Free Antivirus for Android Devices.
  • iOS 7 and Apple Configurator (Supervised Mode).
  • Open-In Management
  • Mass Rollout
  • Optimization of Groupprofile Management
  • Mass Assignment
  • Intelligent Sys App Blocking
  • Extension of Sys App Restrictions for Huawei and Samsung
  • One-Touch-Installation
  • Optimization of LDAP
  • Web Contentfilter
  • Bugfixing

AppTec EMM Build EMM1309GI

  • Sys App restrictions for Android
  • Optimization of Android App
  • Optimization of Console Design
  • Bugfixing

AppTec EMM Build EMM1304GI

  • Optimization of AD/LDAP Integration
  • Integration of messaging container for mail, calender and contacts
  • Integration of Mail Template (Enrollment)
  • Redesign of Dashboard
  • App Manager incl. Enterprise App Store and Blacklisting of Apps
  • Optimization iOS App

AppTec EMM Build EMM1210BI

  • Web based management console has been optimized.
  • Profile based rights management has been revised.
  • Certificate server has been optimized.

AppTec EMM Build EMM1207BI

  • Web based management console has been optimized.
  • Multi-client capable architecture was integrated.
  • Report and Analyse was integrated.