New update of AppTec is now live in the cloud.
The update for the virtual appliance is available as download.


Please perform the update promptly to use the new features and fix the bugs.
AppTec only provides support if the virtual appliance is up to date.


Please click on the „Update Now“ button in the backend to perform the update automatically.

Please take a snapshot of the virtual appliance before updating.




  • Adding devices directly to a Group is now possible
  • Mass Enrollment Support for OSX and Win10 Computer is now possible
  • Mass Enrollment now supports devices on Group level
  • Automatic Updates for Android InHouse Apps
  • Scheduled Updates of Android InHouse Apps in Kiosk Mode
  • Several Bugfixes
  • Performance and security updates




EMM Management Console


  • Auto Enrollment for groups is now possible
  • In very rare cases multiple devices got created while using auto enrollment. This is now fixed.
  • Mass Enrollment for OSX and Win10 Computer is now possible
  • Mass Enrollment for groups is now possible
  • Devices can now be created in a group or moved into it.
  • Various improvements affecting all app lists
  • A Problem with file attachements in Bug Reports and Feature Requests has been fixed
  • Support for MacOS added
  • Support for Windows 10 PC/Laptop added
  • New Icons for different device types have been added
  • If you change between Mobile Management and General Settings, you selection will be saved
  • In some cases the “Deleted DEP Pool” have not been displayed. This is now fixed
  • A problem that shared group folders were not displayed correctly has been fixed
  • Under certain circumstances the shares of a folder was not removed correctly
  • Creating a User will no longer move the selection to the top and no longer collapse some parts of the tree
  • Reporting can now be sorted by date properly
  • Server Manager and Account Overview now displays all super root users correctly
  • Console Settings now supports timezone
  • Console width can be set
  • Session Timeout can be set
  • Implemented a warning that informs you about your soon expiring session




  • A problem regarding the OpenVPN configuration has been solved
  • A problem regarding the Cisco Annyconnect configuration has been solved.
  • On some devices the logs of the AppTec App could not be exported correctly. This has been fixed.
  • The AppTec Client will now check if an APK is compatible on the devices CPU architecture.
  • Automatic App Updates for InHouse Apps implemented.
  • It is now possible to set a time in which app updates will be performed for apps in kiosk mode.
  • Various improvements that increase stability and performance
  • Android for Work Device Owner Mode has been added
  • KNOX Enrollment has been added
  • AppTec VPN Client has been added (requires the Universal Gateway)
  • Some Bugs affecting Kiosk Mode on older Devices are now fixed
  • A problem has been fixed that prevented changes of the bluetooth configuration with the AppTec Settings App if the device was in Kiosk Mode and/or the Android Settings were blocked
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the usage of fingerprint or iris scan in Samsung KNOX
  • In some countries the SMS for the enrollment got modified by the provider which caused the SMS enrollment to fail. This has been changed and works now in every country
  • Fixed a Bug that sometimes caused Auto Enrollment Devices to be added multiple times
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented removing shares in contentbox
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes showed 0000000000 as MAC address
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the app upload if some information of the manifest are missing
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused a crash if an user tried to disable the device admin




  • Apple TV has been added to the SysApp Restrictions
  • Re-Push of InHouse App now works properly
  • Integrated the new SecurePIM Function “CallKit” which allows resolving incoming calls based on the SecurePIM contacts
  • New selection for certificates has been added
  • Support for SCEP has been added
  • A message can now be displayed on the lock screen
  • Added a Roaming Country Whitelist
  • Added “Allow AppManagement while roaming”
  • A Log event now appears if a device is trying to roam outside of the whitelisted countries
  • QR-Code Enrollment with Apple Wallet App
  • Added “Deleted DEP” Pool
  • Added an Update Button to the Enterprise Appstore
  • GPS Service can now be enabled and disabled
  • Fixed a bug which caused deleted DEP devices to still use a license
  • Fixed small Bugs with Multi VPP


ContentBox 3.0 for iOS released


  • Added a separate Uploads & Settings section
  • Failed Uploads can now be restarted
  • Multi Upload added
  • Multi Delete added
  • Multi Move added
  • New popup for outdated files
  • Added sorting and filtering
  • Folders are now getting refreshed automatically
  • Various small improvements


Universal Gateway


  • The Universal Gateway can now be used as VPN Server (Android only)
  • Usernames and Passwords with special characters (ö.ä.ü) are now working properly
  • Implemented a retry method for acquiring Kerberos Tickets


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