Download EMM Virtual Appliance

If you want to use or test the free Virtual Appliance on-premise, please send us the form below.

Hint: Please click here to test the Cloudversion of the Enterprise Mobile Manager:

Note: Virtual Appliance & License Key can take up to 24 hours to be delivered.

Only companies can receive a license. Technical Support are not included in the free VA license.


1. MyCompany Inc.

2. Mr.

3. Steve

4. Miller

5. +41 61 12345 100


7. Appliance-URL for the Login page of the Management Console of EMM (Startpage of the AppTec EMM-Managementconsole)

e.g. or

Note: It´s important that the public trusted SSL-certificate for the Startpage of the AppTec EMM-Managementconsole has also been issued under this name (CN=Common Name) e.g.

Fields marked with * are mandatory