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“Mobility First“ has taken the business world by storm and – that is no coincidence or mere passing trend. The increase in productivity gained by a comprehensive corporate utilization of mobile devices is second to none. Tablets, Smartphones and other mobile devices allow for a wide variety of heretofore unimaginable solutions and possibilities for modern businesses that are willing to invest in efficient Enterprise Mobility Management.

 AppTec Enterprise Mobile Manager | Enterprise Mobility Management

But “Mobility First” does not only offer chances, it also poses an extreme challenge for IT-administrators in charge of Enterprise Mobility Management.

APPTEC360 Enterprise Mobility Management offers the highest security standard for managing mobile devices used by corporations on all mobile operating systems (Apple iOS, MacOS, Google Android, Microsoft Windows). As a research driven Swiss company, APPTEC360 provides users with a continually developing product by offering permanent upgrades and innovations.

APPTEC360 Enterprise Mobility Management is the most comprehensive IT control solution ever created for the complex Mobility-IT demands confronting modern companies. All control options are simple and easily accessible, and can be implemented without extensive training. With APPTEC360 Enterprise Mobility Manager gives IT administrators full control over data, apps and devices via easily operated interface. The intuitive design of the console integrates all functions and is easily adaptable to specific needs and requirements for your Enterprise Mobility Management. Data from all mobile devices is visible in one single overview. Corporate applications can be installed within seconds, data operations by foreign apps can be blocked and data can be easily deleted on devices reported stolen or lost. Thus APPTEC360 offers Enterprise Mobility Management that effectively incorporates Mobile App Management.

APPTEC360 Enterprise Mobility Management: The simplest solution for an excellent user experience.

With all its control options our APTEC360 Enterprise Mobile Management solution is neither bloated nor complicated. Usability is the deciding factor when it comes to your employees and their daily usage of our MDM Software solutions. Thus APPTEC360 Enterprise Mobility Management offers the simplicity and responsiveness that make mobile implementations popular.

With our Enterprise Mobility Management solution your employees can use their mobile devices just the way they always do while the interventions remain in the background, provided that no defined blacklisted functions are used. The user interface remains the same in all implementations. With APPTEC360 Enterprise Mobility Management the security demands of corporate-IT are seamlessly merged with the needs of the end-user.

APPTEC360 Enterprise Mobility Management: Your future is secured.

This is how simple your “Mobile First”-Transformation can be:
With rapid technological advances the risks pertaining to corporate data security are constantly changing – and constantly increasing. APPTEC’s Multi-Level security concept addresses these challenges with a targeted and forward thinking risk-defence that is permanently embedded into our IT-solutions updates and that you, the user, can benefit from immediately. AppTec Enterprise Mobility Management offers the best possible framework for companies that want to take advantage of all opportunities a consistent Mobility First Strategy has to offer.


  • Excellent customer and solution centric service
  • Continuous upgrades
  • Implementable in-house research and development
  • Cost optimized, comprehensive solutions on all function levels
  • Comprehensive customer-infrastructure support
  • Can be implemented on all platforms

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