AppTec SecurePIM for BYOD and COPE

Use Mobile Devices for work or private purposes, without Restrictions

Smart Phone

With SecurePIM, you can easily and reliably protect your sensitive corporate data on your employees’ mobile devices.

SecurePIM for Companies

SecurePIM allows employees to easily and securely access corporate information with a Smartphone or Tablet, such as emails, calendars, documents and more. Thereby, all corporate data is encrypted at the highest level and stored in the Safety-Container.

Separation of Corporate and Private Data

The data that has been stored in the SecurePIM, is effectively protected from access by other Apps (i.e. WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.), as well as unauthorized people.

Full Control through AppTec’s Management Console

With AppTec EMM you have complete control over your corporate data. The Enterprise Mobile Manager offers you the following advantages:

  • Easy Rollout of the SecurePIM-App (AD/LDAP) Import.
  • Overview of all utilized mobile devices.
  • Remote controlled reset of the SecurePIM-Data (i.e. after a loss or theft).
  • Management of email certificates and keys (S/MIME).

AppTec EMM is available as an on-premise or cloud solution. However, the corporate data is not stored on our servers, but remains exclusively the property of the customer.

Main Performance Characteristics

Secure Communication

Encrypted communication with employees, partners and/or customers and with only a few clicks you can activate email encryption.

Simple User Interface

With an intuitive user interface, the employees immediately find their way around and can get to work without training.


All Tools in one App

Emails, calendars, contacts, tasks, notes, documents, browser and camera.

Secure Access

SecurePIM secures the connection to your Microsoft Exchange or IBM-Domino servers.

Secure Storage

All data within the SecurePIM are exclusively stored encrypted in the “Container”.

Protection from Man-in-the-Middle-Attacks

SecurePIM ensures that the connection to Server’s TLS is secure. Here, the Tool checks the validity of the Server-Certificate and prevents that the employees connect to fake servers.

Compatible with Exchange and Notes.

The SecurePIM App supports Microsoft-Exchange- and IBM-Notes- Servers, with the assistance of the Active-Sync-Protocol. Therefore, the App is fully compatible with the Office 365 solution and can be implemented immediately.

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