Universal Gateway

with „Zero Touch Authentication“


Imagine not having to ever put in a password again, when setting up email apps on your employee’s smartphones and tablets and that you can limit the access to email servers on devices, that are managed by AppTec’s Mobile Device Management.

This is exactly what you can accomplish with AppTec´s Universal Gateway (Mail & VPN Gateway).

Additionally, the tool also facilitates a VPN connection for you selected company apps, that is fully automated and secure. Alternately, you can also connect the entire device via VPN, without having to buy an additional VPN server or client.

The Universal Gateway thereby acts as a fundamental part of the AppTec Mobile Device Management, in that it offers more security and it also greatly facilitates the initial set up of mobile devices for your IT-employees.


  • The user opens their email-application; receives the message, without having to previously enter their log in credentials. Entering a password is not required and no complex certificate infrastructures need to be established.
  • The user changes the company identification. No actualizing of the smartphone is required and the phone can be used continually without interruption.
  • A hacker wants to gain access to the user’s exchange-account, by trying to guess the password. However, this attempt is futile, because our system is very secure, thanks to our Two-Factor-Authentication. In this case, the mobile device acts as a Hardware-Token.
  • Only the smartphones and tablets can create a connection to the email server, that are managed by AppTec’s Enterprise Mobile Management. Additionally, IT can define a guest list.
  • Initially, the devices can be put into a quarantine during the Roll-Out and then they can be authorized by the Exchange-Admin after additional tests have been performed.
  • Selected Apps or the entire device is connected fully automatically and securely to the company network.
  • No additional VPN Client is required on the device.

Main Performance Characteristics

  • Secure control over which devices should be allowed access to the Exchange-Account. (Device-Whitelisting).
  • Quarantine function for devices that are to be authorized.
  • Defining of a guest list for non-managed devices.
  • Encrypted communication.
  • Due to the Zero-Touch-Authentication-Technology, employees will never have to enter the Exchange-Password again on a mobile device (Kerberos-Constrained-Delegation).
  • Solution without certificates.
  • Secure connection of Apps to the company network.

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