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AppTEC-AntiVirus & Malware Protection

Cyber criminals are increasingly targeting mobile devices for their attacks. As a result, corporate data is also increasingly endangered by the use of mobile devices – and their security is all the more important.

Antivirus software fully integrated

The AppTec Enterprise Mobile Manager includes virus protection for Android devices on request. To use the antivirus app, it is only necessary to purchase a license for the third-party solution.

Simple to use, central configuration

The AppTec Mobile Device Management makes it easy to install and centrally configure the anti-virus app on all mobile Android smartphones and tablets. You decide for yourself and centrally determine how often and how extensively malware is scanned and at what intervals the software is updated. And you can extend the antivirus software’s protection to new apps (App Protection) and SD cards (SC Card Protection) on request.

battery and data saving solution

Once installed, the configuration of the AV software can no longer be changed by the user – the desired security settings cannot therefore be circumvented. AppTec relies on a solution that is particularly battery and data friendly and runs especially fast and efficiently in MDM mode: All types of malware are detected and deleted in the background without affecting the battery life or memory usage of the device. If desired, updates can be limited to WLAN operation.

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