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Whether the smartphone, laptop of a sales employee or a demo tablet in the showroom of a car dealership – external access to company data via a mobile device is now part of everyday corporate life. Virtual private networks (VPN) can be used to protect and control data traffic – but the use of such solutions is often complex: VPN servers, firewalls and end device apps must be provided and preconfigured. This often reveals stumbling blocks such as compatibility problems etc.

Integrated solution from a single source

With the App Tec Universal Gateway, you get an integrated solution from a single source, on a single interface that guarantees compatibility, security and a high level of user comfort. AppTec has made it its mission to optimally support all required systems, in order to offer its customers the highest possible flexibility.

AppTec VPN is delivered together with the AppTec Universal Gateway – and is easy to use. To use the VPN, only the initial installation of the AppTec Mobile Device Manager is required. These are your advantages:

Simple instead of complex

  • Stumbling blocks like when using an external VPN are omitted: no separate app search to get the VPN up and running; no time-consuming configuration with server address or password.
  • Easy to use thanks to slim architecture: AppTec VPN has a simple structure and is therefore easy to configure. Complex settings are no longer necessary, but customer-specific adaptations are still possible.
  • No installation required: AppTec Universal Gateway or VPN is a virtual machine and no software that needs to be installed.

Per-App VPN & Always-on

  • Once configured, the VPN starts automatically when certain apps are opened (per-App VPN) and routes all data traffic of this app over the company network. If the entire data traffic of a device is to be routed via VPN, Always-on VPN can be activated.
  • What previously only worked with iOS is now possible with AppTec Mobile Device Management on all supported operating systems: In Always-on mode, devices managed with AppTec connect automatically and exclusively to your company via VPN.
  • A subsequent, manual deactivation of the VPN in favor of a WLAN or mobile hotspot connection, for example, is not possible, not even by a restart.
  • Whether surfing the Internet, working with a company app or chatting via Messenger – all data traffic runs over the company’s own network.

Tailor-made safety

  • Sales, repair service or management – different activities are associated with different risks. Define filters for different employee groups and exclude certain websites from data traffic based on roles (blacklist).
  • In Always-on mode, all traffic to the excluded pages is prevented (regardless of whether the page is accessed via browser or app).


  • Available for Android 6.0 or higher, iOS 8.0 or higher and Windows 10
  • Based on the Linux distribution Debian
  • Encrypted communication
  • Gateway-native security: Role-based filters for websites (blacklists)
  • Low hardware requirements

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