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Integrated remote maintenance


Mobile devices are already being used extensively as flexible devices for displaying or recording data: for example as demo screens in the showrooms of furniture dealers; as digital notepads in restaurants for recording and forwarding orders or as mobile barcode scanners in warehouses.

But what if the device goes on strike, the core app crashes or the login no longer works? Until IT support is informed and on site, valuable time elapses during which the device remains unused. In the best case, a support employee can be reached by telephone, can carry out a remote diagnosis after the user has described the problem and can finally navigate the user step by step through the trouble-shooting process.

Remote maintenance via Remote Control

Remote maintenance via Remote Control is easier: Remote devices can be dialed directly via the remote maintenance app Teamviewer integrated in the AppTec Enterprise Mobile Manager. The Remote Control App generates a link to connect Teamviewer to the device.

If, for example, the barcode of a producer’s newly arrived goods can no longer be scanned or if a device no longer transmits the recorded orders to the kitchen in the restaurant, the support service provider for the devices can access it directly and determine the cause of the malfunction within a few minutes – and eliminate it.

AppTec users only need a license that covers the scope of the desired service level to use Teamviewer as a third-party application. It is best to equip your remote devices with the Teamviewer app before use, so that support can intervene immediately in the event of a malfunction.

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