MDM Software Solutions: Effective Mobile Device Management

Manage and configure your mobile devices easily Inhouse or from the Cloud with our MDM Software Solutions for free.

Mobile devices have not only revolutionized our day-to-day lives but also the daily processes of modern
businesses. Tablets and Smartphones are used to access data, to connect staff members and to facilitate
collaboration on the go and over long distances. But apart from the many advantages that mobile devices have to
offer, they also pose challenges when it comes to security, administration and control. This makes efficient
Mobile Device Management (MDM) a vital necessity. AppTec offers you efficient and high-grade MDM Software
Solutions that allow you to manage and configure all your mobile devices easily and safely.

Mobile Device Management

Our MDM Software Solutions: From BYOD to Mobile App Management

To configure and manage all your mobile devices with one comprehensive and effective software is integral to the security and productivity of your business. AppTec offers you MDM Software Solutions that offer simple strategies for complex processes.

Our Enterprise Mobility Management can not only manage your in-house devices but is also equipped to allow for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) solutions. BYOD allows employees to use their own mobile devices to access your firmware and data. This has proven to not only increase employee satisfaction and productivity but also to reduce costs. Our MDM Software Solutions allow for a secure and flexible connection between private devices and your network. You stay in control of all your data and have the administrative power to specify all necessary access-requirements via our comprehensiveMobile App Management solutions.

To provide the best possible result and optimal usability AppTec offers maintenance, adaptation to changing conditions and further development to tailor our product to your specific needs. Perfect functionality, flexibility, and modern architecture as decisive competitive factors for companies are our priorities.

Choose high-quality MDM Software Solutions that meet your specific requirements

AppTec provides a comprehensive and simple solution to the intricate problem of Mobile Device Management. We create MDM Software Solutions that are versatile, efficient and powerful to meet the demands of modern operating processes. Our services are tailored to your individual needs and will enable the effective and secure usage of mobile devices in your company.

Do you want to know more? Contact us and we will demonstrate our MDM Software solutions and find out how our product can support you.

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