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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) | AppTec

Sensitive corporate data is not secure on mobile end user devices. Devices are lost or are targeted by thieves specifically for the data. The data exchange often occurs in unsecured public areas, such as airports.

Existing security measures only offer an insufficient level of protection. With APPTEC360, you create a secured area on your mobile devices for important corporate data.

Above all, however, all employees can securely access corporate data with APPTEC360, while avoiding risky detours during the data transmission. APPTEC360 offers a solution that can be controlled, so that the access to corporate data always transpires securely everywhere.

Swiss made safety first in the context of BYOD means amongst other things: in an instance when a device is lost or if the user leaves the company, all of the corporate data can immediately be selectively erased.


  • Complete security for your corporate data, even if the mobile device is lost.
  • Each employee must authenticate themselves in the app.
  • Depending on the requirements, the security standards can be custom tailored.

Security details

  • It meets the highest and strictest security standards, as they are practiced in European companies and as they are mandated by the German data protection law.
  • All data, such as emails, documents or contacts are stored in the hermetically separated security container with the aid of strong encryption algorithms.
  • The authentication is performed via password submission, based on the internal corporate guidelines.

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