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The opinions of our customers are very important to us and we appreciate your feedback on how we work. Please share this feedback and write a review of Gartner Peer Insights about your experience with AppTec. The review process takes about 15 minutes and is anonymous.

As a thank you for your time, we give reviewers the opportunity to receive an international Amazon gift certificate worth €20.00 for approved reviews! The gift vouchers can be requested directly from once the review has been approved and released by Gartner.

Please send us the link to your Gartner approved review.

Please note that Gartner does not accept reviews from AppTec partners such as our partner network or employees and only accepts reviews from end users.

Here is the information you need to submit your reviews:

For a review please click here:

Further information:

Here are a few important things to keep in mind:

Although you will be asked to create an account, your name and company name will not be linked to your review.

Demographic information (your role, industry, and the size of your company) is the only identifying information displayed with your comments.

Personal email addresses are not accepted by Gartner Peer Insights. You will need to use your business email address to create an account, or sign in with LinkedIn.

*Remember that published reviews from reviewers whose business size is <50 million USD are not eligible for Gartner recognition based on customer ratings.

All posts will be reviewed by Gartner staff to ensure validity and maintain the integrity of the forum. You may not review products or services offered by your own company, your competitors, or your affiliates.

You may check the status of your review at any time by logging into your reviewer profile.

What are Gartner Peer Insights?

Gartner Peer Insights is an online platform for reviews and ratings of IT software and services. Reviews are written and read by IT professionals and technology decision makers like you.

The goal is to help IT executives make more informed purchasing decisions and help technology vendors improve their products by providing objective, unbiased feedback from their customers.

If you have any questions about Gartner Peer Insights or the review process itself, please contact us at

We will gladly answer all your questions.

Thank you very much!

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