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Data Loss Prevention (DLP) | AppTec

Despite all of the advantages that have been gained since companies started utilizing complex apps productively on smartphones and tablets, the risk of losing critical corporate data has only increased. In no way is the risk of exposure limited to specific weak spots on certain operating systems. These complex demands are actively answered by our solution for Data Loss Prevention with comprehensive DLP functionalities, that protect corporate data, without ever touching personal user data on the end user devices.

APPTEC360 EMM represents an effective and secure architecture to combat data loss, that is set to continually counter new and future threats in a forward thinking manner. This way all threatened data can selectively be erased via remote control, in case of a lost device. All data is transferred encrypted between the company and the device and centrally mandated passwords ensure that all external Brute-Force-Attacks are derailed.


  • Encryption of all data between the company and the device.
  • Separation of corporate/private data and apps.
  • Centrally mandated passwords to protect against Brute-Force-Attacks.
  • Access restriction to domains through whitelist URL management.
  • Comprehensive security direction via APPTEC360 EMM console.
  • Forward thinking protection through APPTEC360 “Continuous Proof”.

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