Simple and secure enterprise file access


Managed Enterprise-grade File Sync and Share Control, Integration&Productivity with an Easy-to-Use Interface.

Business professionals adopt consumer class file sharing products because they are easy to set up and use. This choice allows users to focus on getting their jobs done. Users can easily share files with partners and co-workers, and synchronize documents across laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. Operating completely outside of IT’s control, however, users often place sensitive data on public servers and share it without oversight, leading to security and policy breaches that cannot be prevented or tracked. Until now.

AppTecs ContentBox is an enterprise-class file sync and share solution that is as easy to use as consumer-grade alternatives, but is hosted in your data center, on your servers, using your storage. With ContentBox, all your data is supported by your enterprise security systems, management tools and governance policies.

File Sharing for the Enterprise

AppTecs ContentBox is simple and intuitive for business professionals to use, but gives IT complete control over sensitive corporate data. ContentBox provides drag-and-drop access to files on your local file system using a web browser, simple point and click file sharing, and controlled access to files from mobile devices.


IT chooses the servers into which ContentBox is installed and controls where all files are stored, leveraging storage across on-site storage devices, and private/hybrid cloud storage services. Wizard interfaces enable IT admins to integrate ContentBox with existing Active Directory.


ContentBox combines the power and control of an enterprise-class file sharing solution with the user productivity of consumer-grade services. Clean, crisp user interfaces are complemented by a range of popular end user features such as avatars, file previews, activity feeds, share file notifications and example files. ContentBox enables access to and from your files on any device; from desktop/laptop systems to tablets to smart phones. Enabling the Enterprise with Tools for Success.

Logging Module

Transparently log access, administrative actions, sharing activities and file transfers. ContentBox writes to syslog files as well as the ContentBox log file and can be easily configured to work with your internal log monitoring solutions which enables audit and compliance for your data.

Home Directory Mounts

Easily integrate ContentBox with existing user home directories, making sync and share a seamless extension of existing user storage.

Key features

  • Simple and secure enterprise file access, sync, and sharing from any device, including Apple iOS, MacOS, Google Android, Microsoft Windows, Linux and the Web.
  • Integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Active Directory and existing enterprise storage locations.
  • Granular file access policy controls.
  • Log all file changes.
  • Mount your Home Directory.
  • Simple and efficient team sharing.

Key benefits

  • Data is under your control and not in the cloud.
  • Consumer-like user experience for increased productivity.
  • Rapid deployment with no new storage required.
  • Remove centrally the content on the mobile devices.
  • Granular enforcement of app, data and device policies.

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