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Do you know where your data is?

More and more business people utilize cloud based file sync/share services, in order to perform their work projects faster and more easily. Employees can share data with colleagues, customers and partners. They can also synchronize documents on laptops, tablets and mobile devices. Even though they operate outside control of the IT-department, employees are storing sensitive data on public servers and share these without supervision, which leads to an infraction of security and guideline rules, that are unavoidable or can not be traced. Up until now.

ContentBox Overview

APPTEC ContentBox is the secure file sync/share solution for companies and organizations that do not want to risk the spread of sensitive data on external cloud-services. The APPTEC ContentBox integrates seamlessly into the existing IT-infrastructure and allows for the continued use of existing security and management tools.

APPTEC ContentBox provides its users a tool to work productively with simple, ordered, but functional mobile applications, while it allows the administrators control over confidential data.


  • Corporate data can be accessed, synchronized and shared from every corporate device
  • Finely tuned management of data access privileges
  • Registration of all data changes
  • Intuitive and familiar user interface for higher productivity
  • Central control over the content of mobile end user devices


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