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Uniform Design for all Mobile Devices

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With AppTec’s Custom Launcher, you can offer your users a completely new user experience.

The Tool offers companies the ability to define a uniform design on all Android Devices and to only display apps, that have been explicitly authorized. You can therefore easily replace the preconfigured Android display on all devices to a new design of your choosing, from AppTec’s central Custom Launcher. The AppTec Custom Launcher is a custom designed solution for companies that want to distinguish their corporate identity through their individuality.

In conjunction with the Launcher, we have also developed our own Android-Settings-App for Android. With this tool, you can block the Original Settings-App and only display the customized Settings-App with limited functions.

This way you can ensure, that only security critical settings are activated and that employees cannot reset the devices. Therefore, the IT Support’s effort to maintain these devices, is reduced to a minimum.

Main Performance Characteristics

  • Uniform Design on all Android-Devices.
  • Protection from employees who want to reset the devices.
  • Protection from the installation of unwanted Apps.
  • Secure Settings-App.

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