Sales and general questions

Please send your contact person at one of our AppTec Value Added Partners or send us an e-mail directly to with the following information:

– your contact details
– Your VAT ID number (if available)
– The product you are interested in.
– The desired license quantity
– The information whether you want to use it in the cloud or on-premise.

You will receive an offer with an order form from our back office. Please simply fill out, sign, scan and send by e-mail to

The minimum order quantity is 25 licenses. Customers with less than 10 units can also order a package of 10 units.

The minimum order quantity is 10 licenses. Customers can order licenses in steps of 5 or more. Example: 10, 15, 20, 25 etc.

Yes, please write us with your order the text “Adjustment of transit time for initial order”. Otherwise, each order has its own term.


Yes, this is possible. Please contact us at

Yes, this is possible.

No, unfortunately this is not possible. It must always be in sync with the Unified Endpoint Management Package licenses.

Yes, “Cloud Hosting” must be booked for use in the cloud with the “Unified Endpoint Management Package” license.

AppTec offers non-profit organizations a 25% discount on their software products.
(Third-party add-ons, hosting, SMS packages, services and already discounted products/bundles are excluded from discount).

Please send us a notice of exemption from your tax office before placing your order. Please note that we can no longer discount the products after an order has been placed.

Please transfer the invoice amount within 14 days after invoicing. Invoices for consulting and training are payable within 14 days after performance.

Please note that the term is always automatically extended by the duration agreed in the initial order, unless you give written notice no later than three months before the end of the term. For the following period we charge the service costs at the beginning of the period.

This is of course possible. Please contact our sales department at

You can also order services from AppTec directly using the following form:


Yes, please contact us at

The products Unified Endpoint Management Package (Enterprise Mobile Manager) and Content Management Package (Content Box) are included.

With this free software you can implement the following topics:

  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • Mobile App Management
  • Mobile Security Management
  • Bring your own Device (BYOD)
  • Mobile Content Management

AppTec has a worldwide distribution network. Please fill out the following form so that we can give you an AppTec Value Added Partner near you.

Find a Partner ->

To become an AppTec Value Added Partner, please complete the form below:

Become a partner ->

Our partner advisor will then contact you and advise you.

Yes, you get free access, the trial version ends automatically after 30 days, you have absolutely no obligations.

Create a test account at the URL and test the software now.

Please note that the On-premises version (Virtual Appliance) of the free MDM software can be used for unlimited time.

AppTec offers a discount of 25% on its own software products for orders of 5,000 licenses or more.
(Third-party add-ons, hosting, SMS packages, services and already discounted products/bundles are excluded from a discount).

You can find the price list under the following link:


Since 01.01.2017 AppTec no longer offers perpetual licenses.

The AppTec software is only available as subscription model.


Reason for discontinuing the offer:

Our software is constantly updated so that the latest operating system versions are always supported.
In order to ensure that the customer always receives the best user experience and the most current API´s, the customer always needs the most current updates.
Through this approach, a very high level of customer satisfaction is achieved.

A subscription model ensures that you are always provided with the latest versions and can receive support if required.

You can apply for the virtual appliance at the URL .

With this appliance, you can manage up to 25 devices free of charge.

It can take up to 24 hours for the virtual appliance and the license key to be delivered.

Free technical support is only available for the first 30 days after license creation.

Technical support does not include setup/installation of the appliance.

This offer is for business customers only.

Generally, the entire term of 24 months is invoiced with the delivery.
Our goal is to keep the administrative effort as low as possible so that we can offer you a cheap license price.
If you purchase more than 100 licenses, we can also invoice you annually on request.

With the purchase of “SMS Device Enrollment Package” you have the possibility to send 300 enrollment SMS to the device via our SMS gateway.

This SMS allows you to simplify the enrollment of devices that are, for example, outside the company. By means of this enrollment SMS, the employee does not have to enter any data for the enrollment of his device. The data is automatically read from the SMS.

This procedure saves you a lot of time when you roll in the devices.

Of course, AppTec also offers other methods of enrollment. These are e.g. Auto-Enrollment, NFC, QR-Code, E-Mail, URL etc..

The regular subscription period is always 24 months.

If you would like to continue using your AppTec test account after the test phase, please specify this during the order process and your test account will be converted into a productive account. Your data will of course be retained.

Support and Consulting Services

The difference between Basic Support and Full & Priority Support is as follows:


  • Basic Support (SaaS & On-Premise)

The basic support includes the clarification of malfunctions, as far as this is possible via remote support; the temporary assistance (development of workarounds) in case of malfunctions, as far as this is possible without changing the source code of the sold own products.


  • Full & Priority Support AddOn (SaaS & On-Premise)

In addition to basic support, full & priority support also includes clarification of questions when using our own products and clarification of operating errors, insofar as this is possible via remote support. Support requests are processed on a priority basis.


Exclusion of support services

Technical support for pre-installed third-party software delivered with the virtual appliance is excluded or available for an additional fee only. Third-party software includes Linux, Apache, MySQL and the virtual machine. Support for other software is not provided under this Agreement.


We offer both. The remote service is more flexible and faster and saves you travel costs.

Usually, we have a lead time of 2-3 weeks. For short assignments, it can also take place within a few days.

Yes, our support team will be happy to assist you during the entire trial period.

We would also be happy to introduce you to the software, discuss your project goals and answer your technical questions during a free and non-binding online live presentation.

General technical questions

The product is hosted in Germany at Plusserver.

Further information about hosting can be found at the following link:


Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) stands for a comprehensive approach to the management of mobile devices in companies. A central component of EMM is a device- and platform-independent software solution that supports the central control and intelligent monitoring of the large number of company-owned and private smartphones and tablets. Among the most important features of such a solution are the reliable protection of sensitive company data, but also an unclouded user experience that ensures the highest possible acceptance among employees. To achieve this, administrative interventions must take place largely in the background and users must be able to use their mobile devices as usual.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a software solution for the central management of mobile devices. It can be used to manage, secure, support and configure smartphones and tablets throughout their entire lifecycle, independent of the operating system. For the effective execution of these functions, the administrator and his employees have role-based access to the devices and their functions and data via a console. MDM software also includes automated configuration – such as e-mail, separation of corporate and personal data, integration of the corporate structure, selective deletion of data and certificate-based security.

Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) brings the previously separate client management of PCs and mobile devices onto a single platform. UEM is a response to the fact that the boundaries between desktop, mobile and, increasingly, IoT devices are becoming increasingly blurred, which is why user companies are increasingly looking for a unified and therefore efficient solution to manage these devices. UEM combines traditional client management functions with Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) functions, making it the logical next step after EMM. In addition to efficient endpoint management, the goals of the UEM are a uniform user experience and reliable protection of sensitive company data.

The private mobile devices of employees have become the preferred working device in many companies. The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) approach not only increases employee productivity and satisfaction, but also lowers investment costs for client hardware. The management of the different devices, however, means considerable effort for IT. In addition to effective administration, BYOD also requires secure access routes to business data, especially from unsecured public spaces, as can be implemented using a powerful BYOD solution.

Apple helps companies deploy and configure their devices through the Device Enrollment Program (DEP). The program enables automatic registration, configuration and monitoring of Apple devices during setup through a Device Management Solution (MDM) – without the need for setup service or physical access to the device. DEP also allows Apple devices to operate in supervised mode, allowing certain configuration restrictions such as turning off iMessage or Game Center to be centrally stored. For this purpose, a DEP server is defined in the MDM, which identifies itself via an Apple certificate. The corresponding feature for Android is Zero Touch Enrollment.

With Android for Work, Google is on a par with Apple in the central management of Android devices via a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution and enables, among other things, the separation of professional and private data. Android devices can be integrated as of version 4.0, Android for Work can be used on any device as of Android 6.0 without any additional app. The Android administrator can be used via the MDM console and encrypts the data managed in the apps and their connections – private apps remain inaccessible to the administrator. In addition, the Knox security features for encryption, secure boot and VPN can be set up and configured for Samsung devices from the MDM.

The system requirements can be found here:

The version history can be found under the following link:

Version History

Yes, the software is multitenant.

The software can manage at least 150,000 devices per server.

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