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In order for users to have unhindered access to the corporate information required for a task, it is often not possible without a browser. However, many browsers do not provide the ability to define rules for their use.

The AppTec SecureBrowser fills this gap by offering an excellent user experience and a configuration menu for controlling certain settings. The menu provides several setting options:

  • If the option “Force password” is activated, the user can only use the AppTec Secure Browser after entering his personal password.
  • If you choose the option “Prohibit downloads” and “Open in”, the download of documents and the opening of documents in other Apps than the AppTec Secure Browser is prohibited. This prevents potentially dangerous files from being downloaded and bypasses this security rule.
  • Files often contain sensitive company information that should not be uploaded to external platforms. For this reason, uploading files can be restricted in the AppTec Secure Browser.
  • Copying information from the browser can also be a security risk if this information is forwarded unwanted – even accidentally. The AppTec Secure Browser therefore prohibits text copying by default, but the setting can be deactivated in the settings. The same applies to the creation of screenshots.
  • With the option “Frequency for data deletion” you can decide how frequently opened tabs should be deleted by default: You can choose between “immediately after closing” up to “1 month” after opening the tab. Just leave this option disabled if you don’t want to delete tabs regularly.
  • The “Company Bookmarks” configuration item allows you to set links to important company pages – such as your own ticket system, a time recording system or internal communication tools – so that they are quickly accessible.
  • The address bar for entering web addresses can be made invisible with a single click.
  • With the internal URL whitelisting function (without gateway) of the browser you can restrict the opening of web pages to certain pages.

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