Digital Signage & Kiosk Mode

Protected Corporate Environment for Mobile Business Devices

Digital Signage is the ideal way to demonstrate products and services in any chosen public location – such as a stand alone retail location or a showroom: Special offers or current product and service data can be attractively displayed on permanently installed screens or tablets and allow for easy customer access.

In this case, the relevant user implementation is reduced to one single App. Access to additional applications is thereby not necessary, but also oftentimes not desired, for security reasons.

In the receiving department, mobile devices clearly simplify the process of inventorying products: Simply scan in the product barcode with a smartphone and the task is done. Also in this case, the retail employee normally only requires one single App, which is provided by the employer on a mobile corporate device.

Single-App Kiosk Mode: Product Demonstration with one single App

In the Single-App Kiosk Mode, mobile devices are limited to one operational and display implementation – such as a native App or even a Web-App that can pull up product data or specific customer information. In this operational mode, you will predetermine a specific App, that will then run in a preconfigured way and in a standard full screen mode.

Multi-App Kiosk Mode:

Should your daily business processes be more complex, or if they can only be accomplished with the implementation of several Apps – even through the display of individual Apps. Here as well, the access to additional applications becomes irrelevant and is often more secure and enhances the performance, by reducing the selection of Apps, such as the data hungry gaming Apps.

In the Multi-App Kiosk Mode you can therefore limit the mobile devices to a task specific work mode, where the user only has access to enabled applications, which are predetermined by you. For example, this is useful in such fields and jobs as caretakers, where the employees are less tech savvy.

This is how the Multi-App Kiosk Mode works

The users that work on a smartphone or tablet in the Kiosk Mode, see a custom start page instead of the common home screen. Via this start menu, the user only has access to enabled Apps, the messages menu, as well as the system settings. Even a restart of the device will also immediately launch the Kiosk Mode.

Password protected, predefined Work Environment

With the AppTec Enterprise Mobility Manager, you can easily convert mobile devices into a Kiosk. With the Solution you are given access to additional settings and the ability to set extra access restrictions. The Kiosk Mode is an ideal solution, if the devices should only perform one task and provides additional security, when the device is used in its normal mode.

The Kiosk Mode offers you the following advantages:

  • Secure work environment on iOS and Android devices with preset Apps, via a password protected operational mode.
  • Single-App-Mode as preconfigured App-Environment.
  • Remote Installing and Un-installing of Apps.
  • Hiding of App-Icons.
  • Deactivation of Softkeys and physical Buttons.
  • Deactivating of WiFi and Bluetooth.
  • Deactivating of Volume- and Brightness Controllers.
  • Hiding of icon menu bars.
  • Push-Notifications to the User.
  • No exiting of the Kiosk Mode, such as during a restart.