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Define surf zones individually in the company


For some companies it is sufficient for employees to have access only to selected websites via their mobile devices and notebooks. Many companies therefore rely on web filters that generally prevent certain websites from being opened. This reduces the capture of viruses and Trojans to a minimum.

These filters are based on a whitelist or a blacklist: If the former is about granting access only to certain websites, a blacklist only prevents the opening of unwanted websites. When using web filters, it’s not only the reliability that counts, but also the ease of use of the filter software.

With the AppTec WebFilter, access restrictions can be set across browsers and on all operating systems. The filter software works on the basis of a database with more than two million category-based entries on AppTec’s central Universal Gateway Server. In this way, a single click – depending on the category – can block access to thousands or hundreds of thousands of pages.

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