Mobile device management with our MDM software

Efficient mobile device management and control

Mobile devices have changed our professional life as well as our daily life. They provide several opportunities to communicate, publish and access data. An MDM software which provides full control, flexibility and high-level safety, is needed to manage mobile devices and to secure data in an efficient way. Our flagship, APPTEC360 EMM, offers a complete solution for Mobile Device Management.

Mobile Device Management

Complete control with mobile device management – Our MDM software is your efficient multi-tool

There’s a good reason why over 6.400 companies already use our mobile device management solutions: the broad mobile device management functionalities and control levels of the APPTEC360 EMM surpass more conventional MDM software. Devices of all common operating systems (Apple iOS, MacOS, Google Android, Microsoft Windows) can be reliably controlled, secured, and managed for every use case without impeding the end user. Our MDM software is flexible and customizable to user specific needs. We guarantee our customers a hassle free, secure and efficient Mobile Device Management.

An MDM software doesn’t have to be complicated to use to be suited for extensive Mobile Device Management tasks. Enterprise e-mail and certificate-based security, automatic configuration, private and corporate data separation are all clearly structured and controllable in the APPTEC360 EMM console. In case of a lost device or a user leaving the company, the selective deletion options guarantee immediate protection of vital company data. The APPTEC360 EMM offers secure Mobile Device Management in all circumstances. Mobile Device Management (MDM) tailored to your needs: That is exactly what APPTEC provides.

Mobile device management for the highest demands: Your benefits with our MDM software

  • Simple and intuitive (context sensitive) administrator console
  • All common operating systems (Apple iOS, MacOS, Google Android, Microsoft Windows) are supported
  • Automatic configuration of e-mails, WiFi, VPN, and settings
  • Personal and enterprise data separation based on data protection guidelines
  • Easy MDM software roll-out via SMS
  • Precise control of monitoring and risk minimization functions guarantee a safe mobile device management
  • Integration of enterprise-infrastructure into the MDM software
  • Controllable selective deletion of corporate data
  • Workers union compliant locating and (full-wipe) deletion of lost devices
  • Extensive Reporting
  • Role-based access control for effective mobile device management
  • Certificate-based security according to company policies
  • Integrated anti-virus engine for Android (Paid add-on)

Secure, controllable and individual: mobile device management software

The use of mobile devices brings several benefits to the daily business of a company. Smartphones and tablets offer a lot of possibilities for the optimization of processes, from the fast management of appointments and data to flexible use of in-house apps and programs. An MDM software has to fulfill three basic requirements int order to take advantage of these benefits: security, ease of control and customization to business specific needs. We have developed our MDM software solution to meet these requirements.

APPTEC360 EMM  - Universal Gateway Architecture


To make mobile access to sensitive data secure, Apptec MDM Software provides an effective suite of features, including for BYOD solutions. Benefit from:

  • Encryption of e-mails, calendar and contacts (BYOD)
  • Encrypted communication between client and server, device memory and memory cards
  • Whitelisting/Blacklisting of URLs and Applications
  • Blocking the camera-function on company premises
  • Dual Persona for the secure separation of private data and business data
  • Centralized access for data deletion (complete or partial), location in case of theft, locking of rooted/jailbroken devices
  • And much more…


No matter if you provide your employees with company-owned mobile devices or you choose a BYOD solution – simple and comprehensive control keeps you in charge of sensitive corporate data and keeps track of operations. Our mobile device management system offers you numerous possibilities:

  • Central “Over-the-Air” deletion and installation of applications
  • Comprehensive monitoring of all devices
  • Locking of devices (e.g. in case of theft) via administrator console
  • Blocking data-synchronization (e.g. with Apple Cloud)
  • Central certificate management
  • And much more…


The Apptec mobile device management system offers numerous individual customization options. You decide to what extent mobile devices access corporate data and how communication and other processes are organized.

  • Blacklist or whitelisting apps and URLs to centrally control access to web pages and applications
  • Provide and present company data via the Secure ContentBox
  • With our MDM software, you make your own apps available in the enterprise App Store, distribute apps (remote app installation) and have access to an app configurator
  • And much more…

An all-round MDM software solution that supports your every need

Apptec provides a well-thought-out, secure and adaptable Mobile Device Management software solution that addresses the needs of mobile devices in today's business environment. More than 6,400 customers already rely on our products and benefit from strong performance and extensive support.

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