Android API Extender

Extended configuration options for Android devices without Google PlayServices and Android Enterprise (OEM device support)


Smartphones that are used in very special environments – such as permanently installed components in a construction machine or as hand scanners – often have to perform very special tasks. However, the functional scope of the Android operating system is often either not designed for this or is not available because the standard Android operating system from Google is not used. Therefore, it may not be possible, for example, to set the screen brightness to a value beyond the standard bandwidth or even to configure these devices remotely.

With the AppTec API Extender, Android devices of all kinds can be equipped with higher rights by the manufacturer so that – independent of the Google extensions – an extended range of functions can be accessed via the AppTec Mobile Device Manager (MDM). In this way, the MDM can be used to completely suppress certain options, preconfigure certain settings or install or uninstall apps without user activity.

The extensions or configuration options can be defined as required. The equipment of the devices with the API Extender is done directly in cooperation with AppTec and the respective device manufacturer. AppTec provides the software in consultation with the customer.

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