OEM Program

In a highly competitive market your business must promote innovation, open up new markets, increase sales, and improve profit margins–all the while keeping investment in new technologies as low as possible. AppTec’s OEM program offers the wireless service providers, ISV’s, and solution providers the possibility of expanding their portfolio of products and services in a very short time.

AppTec suports OEM partners with:

  • an innovative and leading Mobility Management solution
  • comprehensive support of its OEM partners in sales and implementation
  • flexible OEM programs that are tailored to your personal needs

Which possibilities does the OEM program offer you?

You can market AppTec solutions under your own brand name or integrate them into your present product offering. In both cases you immediately have higher potential revenue and a wide range of products.

What advantages do our OEM partners have?

By using AppTec technology you can

  • open up new markets
  • take advantage of new business opportunities
  • strengthen your customer relationships
  • set your product apart from the competition and expand it.
  • concentrate on core competencies
  • react quickly to the demands of the market and profit from a rapid access to the market
  • make use of our experience and support.

How can you become an OEM partner?

Please contact the AppTec Business Development Team at partner@nullapptec360.com. We look forward to discussing all the possibilities of a cooperation that will mean high added value for your company and customers.