Feature Description


Cloud based or on-premises model (operated in your infrastructure) successIcn
Also available as virtual appliance successIcn
Encrypted communication between client and server successIcn
Bidirectional communication between client and server (Push and Pull) successIcn
LDAP integration for selection of the current structure successIcn
Own certificate server successIcn


Policy change per drag / drop successIcn
Multi-client capable architecture successIcn
Role and responsibility dependent administration console successIcn
Self-service portal for end users successIcn
Intuitive dashboard for first level support successIcn
Revision secure recording successIcn
Meaningful reports and analyses successIcn
Ticket system/Workflow for desired changes successIcn
Group/user/device-specific permission successIcn
Web based management console successIcn


Inventory of the mobile devices in the company successIcn


Inventory of installed applications successIcn


Management of contract information for the device successIcn


Installing and deleting of Apps – “over the air” successIcn
Distributing of company applications via Push successIcn
Enterprise App Store successIcn
Black and white listing of applications successIcn
App Wrapper successIcn
Kiosk Mode successIcn


Configuration of guidelines for WiFi, VPN, and APN successIcn


Configuration of guidelines for email, Exchange Active Sync, CalDav, Subscribed Calendars, and WebClips successIcn
Secure PIM Container successIcn
Secure eMail Gateway for Exchange successIcn


Central enforcement of complex passwords successIcn
Encrypted Messaging Container for eMail, Calendar and Contacts (BYOD) successIcn
Secure web browser successIcn
URL-Whitelisting successIcn
Dual Persona – Full separation of work and personal data successIcn
Samsung SAFE Integration successIcn
Encryption of memory card and device memory successIcn
Encryption of communication between server and client successIcn
Blocking of camera function in the company successIcn
Prohibition of performing certain applications successIcn
Central certificate management for mobile devices successIcn
Blocking of mobile devices from the central console successIcn
Central deletion of complex data or subareas successIcn
Location of mobile devices in case of theft successIcn
Sending of a message to the finder successIcn
Establishing guidelines for limiting device and application settings successIcn
Blocking of data synchronization to Apple iCloud successIcn
Blocking of jailbreak or rooted devices successIcn
Blocking of devices after a pre-determined inactive time period successIcn
Encrypted communication of devices successIcn


Provisioning of corporate data – Secure Content Box successIcn


Display of private and company devices successIcn
Display of which mobile communications provider are being used successIcn
Display of jailbreak and rooted devices successIcn
Listing which device producers are being used successIcn
Listing which operating system platforms are being used in the company successIcn
Listing of newly added devices successIcn
Listing of pending registrations successIcn
Status display of active, blocked, rolled out, defective, and lost devices successIcn
Display of mobile devices with activated data roaming successIcn