About us

AppTec develops inhouse and cloudbased Mobility Management solutions for the challenges that face firms when managing applications, configuration, and security of smart phones and tablets.

Smart phones and tablets–whether based on Android, iOS, or Windows Phone–are increasingly becoming the primary and personal communication and productivity platform for businesses and their employees. This, however, leads to new challenges in respect to manageability, costs, and risks. Traditional management strategies and IT solutions are not targeted at these risks. It is exactly these challenges that AppTec with its Mobility Management Suite takes on.

AppTec’s mobile device management solution with its very intuitively operable management console offers the possibility of managing, configuring, and securing all mobile devices and applications from a central point.

The following areas are covered by our EMM Suite:

Mobile Device Management

  • Asset Management
  • Inventory Management
  • PIM Management
  • Connection Management
  • Compliance Management
  • Backup and Restore
  • Samsung SAFE Integration

Mobile App Management

  • Enterprise App Store
  • Installation of InHouse and App Store Apps "Over-the-Air"
  • Black- and Whitelisting of Apps
  • Update Management
  • App Wrapper**
  • Kiosk mode

Mobile Security Management

  • Dual Persona - Full separation of work
    and personal data
  • Enterprise Secure Browser*/**
  • URL Whitelisting
  • Secure Messaging Container**
  • Secure E-Mail Gateway for Exchange**
  • Anti Theft Management
  • End of Life Management
  • Restriction Control

Enterprise Mobile Manager Console

  • Management Dashboard
  • Role Based Console
  • Multitenancy Capabilities
  • Self Service Portal
  • LDAP-Integration
  • Web-Based Console

Mobile Content Management

  • Secure Content Box*

*Coming soon, **AddOn