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Digital learning
Easily and securely manage iPads and the like with Apple School Manager and AppTec MDM

Whether at home or at school - tablets and other digital media enable teachers and students alike to access teaching content at any time and from any location. This benefits not only children and young people at schools, but also trainers and learners in companies and other adult education centres.

Learning with tablets and the like means interactive learning with different tools that are optimally tailored to the respective learning content. This promotes participation in lessons: all students, even with different learning levels, can follow the lessons more easily. And last but not least: Learning with digital media also promotes know-how on how and for what these media can be used.

Apple School Management | AppTec360


The central contact point for teachers and students with iPads and other Apple devices is the Apple School Manager (ASM), a web-based portal for iPads, iPhones, Apple TV and Mac computers. All devices and content used in school operations can be provided and managed via the management portal after login. The portal is optimised for Safari, Google Chrome as well as Microsoft Edge / Windows.


The AppTec Mobile Device Manager (MDM) makes the management and provision of devices and content in the school and training environment particularly efficient and simple. AppTec MDM integrates easily with Apple School Manager and enables reliable central control of iPads and content and effective data protection - whether it's a user device or a school device:

Easily integrate AppTec Mobile Device Manager
Define the structure that suits your organisation - for user rights, profiles, app assignment, etc. - and enter it into AppTec MDM. Integrate AppTec MDM with your Electronic Student Information System (ESIS) to organise classes.

Create managed Apple IDs for School Manager
Create managed Apple IDs with AppTec MDM that give teachers and students access to Apple services, such as iCloud storage, the Schoolwork app, and allow collaboration with iWork and Notes. iPads with managed Apple IDs can be personalised just like those with other Apple IDs.

Configure learning resources
Automatically add and configure new devices, users and apps via AppTec MDM so that teachers and students can begin lessons immediately after launching their iPads.

Apple Classroom Manager and the like:Tailor-made design of virtual lessons
Distribute apps and books purchased via Apple School Manager directly to specific teachers, students or classes with AppTec MDM. Give teachers access to resources such as Apple Schoolwork via AppTec MDM to issue work assignments to classes or students, or Apple Classroom Manager to tailor iPad use as needed, for example by restricting websites, apps and the camera, or locking student devices at the same time.


The AppTec Mobile Device Manager was developed in Germany and Switzerland and complies with the strict EU data protection regulations (DSGVO). Specifications for recording website visitors via the integration of vectors - as with the Patriot Act in the USA - have no relevance here.

The AppTec Mobile Device Manager is intuitive to use and includes comprehensive service and technical support.

AppTec360 School Package

Schools can purchase the AppTec MDM for only 0.39 euros per device per month. There are no costs for using the ASM (Apple School Manager).