When it comes to the new GDPR/EU-DSGVO, companies are reigned in on the topic of data protection: no passing on of personal information without the person’s consent. However, only when private and business data is separated, the mobile device can conform to the segregation of corporate data, with the presence of such nosy Apps as Facebook and Co. Therefore, the timing could not be more perfect for Apple to offer precisely this feature in their new iOS 11.3 – thereby closing an important data protection loophole.


It was not until the Facebook scandal broke that many users were reminded of once again or introduced to how their vulnerable private information is being spied upon, once they operate an internet enabled device. Each App requires its own set of access permissions, which include amongst other things, the PIM data (Personal Information Manager). What then happens with such personal data such contact, email, calendar and others, is not always in the user’s best interest, as the Facebook-Analytica-Case proves.

What has already become a nuisance for private consumers, could soon grow into a serious Compliance-Problem for companies. That is because the new EU Data Protection Regulation (GDPR/EU-DSGVO), which becomes effective starting May 25th, 2018, prohibits companies, amongst other things, to transfer their customer’s private data without their consent.


Soon one simple Policy will suffice for the Separation of Data

For example, someone who uses WhatsApp allows the service to access all of the smartphone’s contact data – did you receive permission from your contacts for this? Therefore, even as a private user you are operating illegally. Dr. Lutz, the Thüringen National Data Protection Appointee, recently brought this fact to light. Should one of your employees store business contacts on their private phone, that is then connected to WhatsApp, then your company is committing a data breach as outlined in the GDPR/EU-DSGVO – which is accompanied by the now too famous complicated and expensive consequences.
The only thing that can truly help in this situation, is the strict separation of personal and corporate data on mobile devices. Whether or not it is coincidence or the first result from the Facebook-Scandal – Apple and its iOS11.3 has made it possible for companies, that manage their mobile devices via an Enterprise Mobility Manager, to deny access via the OS to the PIM-Data by WhatsApp and Co. Here, the Apple-Manager differentiates between Apps that are either managed or not managed by the EMM. Even individual accounts within the Apple-Mail-App can be defined by a manager. This way, the selected Apps and Accounts must simply be segregated from data sharing with the other apps and accounts, via a Policy that is defined in the AppTec-EMM – and the desired separation of the two data spheres has already been accomplished.


More security with iOS Inbuilt Security

Up until now, private and corporate data could only be separated on Apple-Devices with a detour through a third party solution, such as AppTec, which uses their Enterprise Mobility Manager for this purpose. These solutions create a container for corporate data, to which unauthorized people or apps, such as WhatsApp and Co, are not granted access. EMM-Users are not only offered an easier user experience with the new iOS-Version’s Built-In-Container, but they also save money, by eliminating the licensing fees.

On Android Devices, the separation of private and corporate data has been preprogrammed for quite some time now, which can be utilized via the management tool Android for Work on the AppTech-EMM’s console. The Android-Manager encrypts the data that is managed in the Apps and their connections. This means, that WhatsApp and Co can not access the data. Alternately, the Administrator only has access to the Apps that are installed via the EMM and the data that is contained within them – private Apps are left excluded.


About AppTec

With its Enterprise Mobility Manager, AppTec supports businesses in intelligently managing their plethora of corporate or private smartphones, tablets and laptops, in a controlled manner. The solution for the managing and securing of mobile end user devices differentiates itself with a management console that is intuitive and offers a number of useful security functions. Here, the customer has the option of using their internal servers or AppTec’s Cloud-Based Option, which runs on servers that are located exclusively in Switzerland and Germany. The company, which was founded in 2011 in Basel, has already managed to amass 3800 customers with their compact and easily accessible “Mobile-First-Solution”. AppTec is a leader in the current Crisp Vendor Universe Quadrant 2018 and has been recognized multiple times as a leading solution.

Please visit www.apptec360.com for more information

[Pressrelease] Apptec’s Universal Gateway functions as a reliable interface for companies between their mobile email apps and the company exchange server. Now the gateway also offers a VPN-interface for encrypted communication between apps and the company’s network.

AppTec has expanded its Enterprise Mobility Manager’s Universal Gateway by one VPN Tunnel, in order to facilitate the encrypted communication with the company network, for both the company and its employees. Via the interface, companies can securely connect company devices with the company network fully automatically and even limit the access to selected company apps, on Android smartphones. Additionally, the entire Android device can be connected via VPN, without requiring an additional VPN-Server or client.

Noticeably more Security with an encrypted VPN-Connection

“The preconfigured access restrictions in the VPN-Gateway, clearly provide a distinct increase in security when the company network is externally accessed”, says Sahin Tugcular, the CEO of AppTec GmbH. “In addition, companies can now establish an encrypted connection between company apps and the company network via the new VPN-Interface, to which no third party has access”.

Today, the AppTec Universal Gateway already functions as a reliable interface between mobile email apps and the company-exchange-server (Mail Gateway). In order to gain access to one’s emails, the user simply has to open their email application and then they can send and receive messages, without having to enter their registration credentials or password. Even the implementation of a complex certificate infrastructures can be eliminated. This reduces the workload for IT-support: during the implementation of email applications on company smartphones and tablets, the IT-staff never has to enter another password.

No Access from non-authorized Devices

During the authentication process the Universal Gateway checks each mobile devices’ serial number, that is trying to access the server. However, the only devices that gain access, are those that are registered in the AppTec’s Mobile Device Management and which are managed by the software. For example, this way the employees are not able to access company data via a non-authorized device or a device that was borrowed from a family member or friend.

Should a hacker try to gain an external access to a user’s Exchange-Account, by guessing the password, then the additional AppTec Mobile Device Management’s protection will be activated: The Two-Factor-Authentication provides a double protection. In this case, the mobile device functions as a Hardware-Token.

In order to prevent a simultaneous authorization of all companies devices during the set up of the AppTec-World, these devices can at first be placed into a quarantine. Only after additional testing, will the authorization be granted from the Exchange-Admin.

About AppTec

AppTec supports companies with its Enterprise Mobility Manager, by offering an intelligent and controlled management of a vast number of company or private smartphones, tablets and laptops. The solution for the management and securing of mobile end user devices differentiates itself with a Management Console, that can maintained intuitively and offers a number of useful security functions.
Here, the customer has the choice of using their own in-house server or AppTec’s Cloud-based solution, which has servers exclusively in Switzerland and Germany.
The company, which was founded in Basel in 2011, has already gained over 3800 customers with its compact and easily accessible “Mobile-First-Solution”.

AppTec is the leader in the current Crisp Vendor Universe Quadrant 2018 and was previously recognized as a leading solution multiple times.

For additional information, please visit www.apptec360.com

New update of AppTec is now live in the cloud.
The update for the virtual appliance is available as download.


  • Adding devices directly to a Group is now possible
  • Mass Enrollment Support for OSX and Win10 Computer is now possible
  • Mass Enrollment now supports devices on Group level
  • Automatic Updates for Android InHouse Apps
  • Scheduled Updates of Android InHouse Apps in Kiosk Mode
  • Several Bugfixes
  • Performance and security updates

Please perform the update promptly to use the new features and fix the bugs.
AppTec only provides support if the virtual appliance is up to date.

Please click on the “Update Now” button in the backend to perform the update automatically.

Please take a snapshot of the virtual appliance before updating.



EMM Management Console

  • Auto Enrollment for groups is now possible
  • In very rare cases multiple devices got created while using auto enrollment. This is now fixed.
  • Mass Enrollment for OSX and Win10 Computer is now possible
  • Mass Enrollment for groups is now possible
  • Devices can now be created in a group or moved into it.
  • Various improvements affecting all app lists
  • A Problem with file attachements in Bug Reports and Feature Requests has been fixed
  • Support for MacOS added
  • Support for Windows 10 PC/Laptop added
  • New Icons for different device types have been added
  • If you change between Mobile Management and General Settings, you selection will be saved
  • In some cases the “Deleted DEP Pool” have not been displayed. This is now fixed
  • A problem that shared group folders were not displayed correctly has been fixed
  • Under certain circumstances the shares of a folder was not removed correctly
  • Creating a User will no longer move the selection to the top and no longer collapse some parts of the tree
  • Reporting can now be sorted by date properly
  • Server Manager and Account Overview now displays all super root users correctly
  • Console Settings now supports timezone
  • Console width can be set
  • Session Timeout can be set
  • Implemented a warning that informs you about your soon expiring session



  • A problem regarding the OpenVPN configuration has been solved
  • A problem regarding the Cisco Annyconnect configuration has been solved.
  • On some devices the logs of the AppTec App could not be exported correctly. This has been fixed.
  • The AppTec Client will now check if an APK is compatible on the devices CPU architecture.
  • Automatic App Updates for InHouse Apps implemented.
  • It is now possible to set a time in which app updates will be performed for apps in kiosk mode.
  • Various improvements that increase stability and performance
  • Android for Work Device Owner Mode has been added
  • KNOX Enrollment has been added
  • AppTec VPN Client has been added (requires the Universal Gateway)
  • Some Bugs affecting Kiosk Mode on older Devices are now fixed
  • A problem has been fixed that prevented changes of the bluetooth configuration with the AppTec Settings App if the device was in Kiosk Mode and/or the Android Settings were blocked
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the usage of fingerprint or iris scan in Samsung KNOX
  • In some countries the SMS for the enrollment got modified by the provider which caused the SMS enrollment to fail. This has been changed and works now in every country
  • Fixed a Bug that sometimes caused Auto Enrollment Devices to be added multiple times
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented removing shares in contentbox
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes showed 0000000000 as MAC address
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the app upload if some information of the manifest are missing
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused a crash if an user tried to disable the device admin


  • Apple TV has been added to the SysApp Restrictions
  • Re-Push of InHouse App now works properly
  • Integrated the new SecurePIM Function “CallKit” which allows resolving incoming calls based on the SecurePIM contacts
  • New selection for certificates has been added
  • Support for SCEP has been added
  • A message can now be displayed on the lock screen
  • Added a Roaming Country Whitelist
  • Added “Allow AppManagement while roaming”
  • A Log event now appears if a device is trying to roam outside of the whitelisted countries
  • QR-Code Enrollment with Apple Wallet App
  • Added “Deleted DEP” Pool
  • Added an Update Button to the Enterprise Appstore
  • GPS Service can now be enabled and disabled
  • Fixed a bug which caused deleted DEP devices to still use a license
  • Fixed small Bugs with Multi VPP

ContentBox 3.0 for iOS released

  • Added a separate Uploads & Settings section
  • Failed Uploads can now be restarted
  • Multi Upload added
  • Multi Delete added
  • Multi Move added
  • New popup for outdated files
  • Added sorting and filtering
  • Folders are now getting refreshed automatically
  • Various small improvements

Universal Gateway

  • The Universal Gateway can now be used as VPN Server (Android only)
  • Usernames and Passwords with special characters (ö.ä.ü) are now working properly
  • Implemented a retry method for acquiring Kerberos Tickets

For more information, please contact support@nullapptec360.com

Crisp-Research has positioned the Swiss AppTec’s Mobility-First-Solution in its current comparable offerings, as a leader in the fourth quadrant. The analysts were especially impressed by the solution’s comprehensive set of features, as well as the coverage on the leading platforms, for the EMM-Solution’s deployment in the workplace.

In the current comparable field of “Crisp Vendor Universe – Workplace & Mobility“ suppliers, the Swiss AppTec GmbH’s Enterprise Mobility Manager occupies a the leading position and can therefore be counted as one of the leading suppliers in this segment. In early January, the independent IT-Research and consulting firm Crisp Research presented its supplier and service analysis for the workplace and mobility market, for the second time. AppTec had to contend with such IT-heavyweights as Microsoft, Citrix and VMWare, as well as 16 other suppliers in the “Unified Endpoint Management“ segment and managed to leap directly into the fourth quadrant of market-accelerators (Accelerator/Leader), upon their first participation.

Leading Scores in all Categories

For its classification process, Crisp Research evaluated the providers in two main categories “Product/Service Value Creation“ and “Vendor Performance“, both of which had five subcategories each. In all criteria, such as Product and Service-Portfolio, Strategy, Customer Experience and Agility, AppTec earned leading scores.

The analysts were particularly impressed with the solution’s Feature-Set, as well as the coverage on leading platforms, for the Enterprise implementation. Furthermore, the Crisp-Experts highlighted that AppTec360 offers a variable and simple Hosting, Feature and Pricing model, thanks to the modular structure of the individual parts of the Enterprise Mobility Manager.

European Supplier with an attractive Pricing Structure

The company’s CEO, Sahin Tugcular, has consciously positioned his company as a European counterpart to the American Solutions, which flood the Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) Market. He has thereby bet on his attractive pricing structure: the comparably low monthly licensing fees and the free usage for a plan with less than 25 devices, makes the AppTec-Solution interesting, even for smaller companies.
AppTec GmbH, which was formed in 2011 in Basel, has already been able to gain more than 3800 customers with its compact and easily accessible “Mobile-First-Solution”. They especially impress with the solution designed to remotely maintain mobile end user devices, with an intuitively maintained management console and numerous security features. Here, the customer has the option to choose whether they want to use their own in-house server or AppTec’s Cloud-based solution.




  • Custom Launcher for Android


With AppTec’s Custom Launcher you can offer your users a completely new user experience.

Now, you can add an additional layer to the interface on all Android devices and thereby, lend a unified design to the devices and only display the Apps that have been authorized. The Custom Launcher is the custom solution for companies that differentiate themselves with individuality and their corporate identity.


  • AppTec Settings App


In conjunction with the Launcher, we have also developed our own Settings-App for Android. This means, that you can block the original Settings-App and only display the Settings-App with limited functions.





  • Android for Work (AfW Work Profile Mode) – (Free solution for BYOD)


The long awaited integration of Android for Work has finally arrived. For the first time with Android for Work, Google itself can offer the possibility to separate private from business data from each other. Additionally, Android’s native E-Mail App can be configured centrally for Exchange and you can purchase central Apps (Android VPP) and make them available to your employees.


  • Auto-Enrollment (Android DEP powered by AppTec)


With AppTec’s Android DEP, the enrollment of Android devices becomes child’s play. You only have to list the serial numbers or the IMEI-numbers on the backend, for the devices that are to be enrolled and then install the AppTec MDM on the device. The set up and the connection to the correct MDM-Server will then occur entirely automatically.


  • Integration of additional Policy Enforcement Modes.


Example: prohibit the command to launch an update.


  • Configuration options for Wallpaper


  • SYS App Restriction are maintained with additional Package names


  • Kids-Mode configuration


  • Prohibit Multi-User (guest mode) (Samsung Android)





  • IKEv2-VPN for iOS-devices


With the integration of IKEv2, you now have the option to permanently connect your iOS-devices via VPN to your company network, without any user interactions.


  • Auto Update for iOS devices


With this function, you can force iOS updates and thereby ensure, that all devices are constantly updated with the latest security updates.


  • Multi-VPP Support for iOS


International companies can now use their own VPP-token for each country.


  • Fonts can be defined on iOS-devices


  • New cellular configuration options


  • Various optimizing is performed on VPP and DEP


  • VPP B2B Apps problem has been mitigated





  • GPS-history for Windows Mobile 10


Logistics companies can now track the driver’s route with Windows Mobile 10.


  • Whitelisting problem with Windows Mobile 10 has been mitigated


  • Sys-App-Restrictions for Windows Mobile





  • SIM-cards management


With our new SIM-card management, you can centrally store all SIM-card information, such as carrier, tariff, costs, contract length, PIN and PUK, in one place.


  • The user left in the directory tree can now be sorted with various criteria.

For example: last name, first name, e-mail address, etc.


  • The size of the left menu (directory tree) can now be configured


  • Session Time Out for the registered administrator in the console.


  • Bugfix: the devices are displayed again, during the search for users.





  • The latest version of our Universal Gateway for e-mail, now also supports Cross-Domains and Multi-Exchange infrastructures


  • Various Optimizing




  • Follow this Guide to upgrade from Ubuntu 12.04 to Ubuntu 14.04


Guideline Linux Update [English]: Click here
Hint:Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) reaches End of Life on April 28 2017

Update Service from AppTec Consulting:

AppTec also offers a consulting service for migration from 12.04 to 14.04 as a service for a flat rate of 600,00 €.
Please send us this Service Agreement filled (Please mark “Migration of the Virtual Appliance”) and signed back to support@nullapptec360.com.

For more information, please contact support@nullapptec360.com

Imagine, that during the set up of smartphones and tablets you would never have to enter a password again and you can ensure that only devices which are managed by AppTec, have access to your email server.

This is precisely what AppTec’s Universal Gateway secures.

This is an enormous advance in security and a powerful simplifying of your employees’ initial set up for mobile devices.

Advantages at a glance:

  • The user opens their email application; receives a message, without having to provide the corporate registration credentials. The submitting of passwords is not necessary and no complex certificate structure needs to be installed.
  • The end user changes their own corporate identifier. The smartphone does not need to be actualized and the phone can be used continually, without interruption.
  • A hostile party tries to gain access to the end user’s exchange account, by trying to guess the password. However, this attempt is futile, because the system is extremely secure with our three-factor-authentication. In this case, the device acts as a hardware-token.
  • Only those smartphones and tablets that are managed by AppTec´s Enterprise Mobility Management can establish a connection to the email server. Additionally, IT can also define a guest list.
  • During a roll-out, the mobile devices can initially be placed into a quarantine and once additional tests have been performed, the exchange-admin can release them.

Additional optional implementations

Depending on the scope of the add-on (KERBEROS-authentication), the effort for the implementation can require between a half to a full consulting day.

On the licensing side, the “Universal Gateway” is free. However, it is only made available, when AppTec is contracted to perform the implementation.

For more information, please contact consulting@nullapptec360.com

The following additional features were released with the latest update:

  • Role Based Access
  • URL Mass Enrollment for iOS
  • Mass Enrollment for Apple Configurator

The following features will be released in the February Update:

  • Installation of Apple Store Apps without entering the Apple-ID
  • Android for Work
  • Windows Mobile 10 Feature update

The following features are planned for first half of the year:

  • Compliance & Escalation
  • Custom Launcher for Android (Phone Creator)
  • Remote Control powered by Team viewer
  • Secure Browser with content filter and Intranet-Browser in conjunction with our Gateway
  • Windows 10 Laptop and PC support
  • OSX support

During the annual Mobile Enterprise Vendor Benchmark (Experton Quadrants), which is conducted by the Experton Group, the Swiss AppTec GmbH, on their first attempt, was awarded the “Rising Star 2015” designation as a leading technology. In the category of “Mobile Device Management Software Solutions for Smartphones and Tablets”, AppTec had to contend with such IT-heavyweights as IBM and Microsoft, as well as 18 additional providers.

During the annual Mobile Enterprise Vendor Benchmark (Experton Quadrants), which is conducted by the Experton Group, the Swiss AppTec GmbH, on their first attempt, was awarded the “Rising Star 2015” designation as a leading technology. In the category of “Mobile Device Management Software Solutions for Smartphones and Tablets”, AppTec had to contend with such IT-heavyweights as IBM and Microsoft, as well as 18 additional providers.

The analysts especially highlighted the highly flexible solutions portfolio, which easily adapts to the customer´s demands, as well as AppTec´s transparent strategy. The company operates successfully and goal oriented in the market segment of Mobile Device Management, which – according to the Experton Group – is growing in importance and which has garnered an ever increasing attention from the IT decision makers within large corporations.

The AppTec GmbH was founded 2011 in Basel. Even from their inception in 2011, the company has been able to secure more than 2500 customers, with their thin and easily accessible Enterprise Mobile Manager. The remote management solution for mobile user devices is especially attractive with its intuitively operated management console and numerous useful security functions. Within this solution, the customer is given the option to utilize their own in-house servers or the cloud based service offered by AppTec.

Especially in the area of pricing, the Swiss create a great impression. Comparably low monthly licensing fees and the free subscription plan for fewer than 25 devices, make the AppTec solutions attractive, even to smaller companies.

AppTec works with Samsung to deliver Mobility Management Solution in the retail industry Mobile devices are taking the retail industry by the storm! Retailers are increasingly embracing mobile services and applications to better engage with customers on the showroom floor and improve customer experience. Leading this trend, AppTec and Samsung worked together to bring an innovative solution for our enterprise customer.

AppTec, a SEAP Silver Partner, develops in-house and cloud-based mobile management solutions to manage application, configurations and ensure security of company data on smart phones and tablets. On top of their existing solution, AppTec integrated the Samsung KNOX APIs to provide extensive features for the best performance in a retail environment.

To stay ahead of the market, Dosenbach-Ochsner AG, a wholesale and retail distributor of sports footwear was looking for a kiosk solution to run advertisements and provide product information on a tablet.

Their main concern was device security, so that local users couldn´t jump out from their predefined URL and open unauthorized web pages. In addition, Dosenbach-Ochsner also addressed the need to automatically delete contents of data within a certain time interval.

After review of these requests, AppTec was able to develop an URL based Kiosk Mode with the KNOX Standard SDK – Kiosk API´s and provide extended features such as link jump control to prevent jump out from URL via hyperlink.

The enhanced solution was tested on Samsung´s sample devices before delivery. With the implementation of AppTec´s solution, Dosenbach-Ochsner is now able to remotely and securely manages their advertisements in retail stores while reducing the cost of their IT field services.


Pursuing the strategic development of its channel, AppTec announces a partnership with the value-added distributor (VAD) LAPIT. LAPIT distribution and value-added services will allow AppTec to primarily focus on the license business in upper-end medium-sized businesses as well as in the corporate sector. AppTec products are now available to customers in South Eastern Europe via VAD.

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Pursuing the strategic development of its channel, AppTec announces a partnership with the value-added distributor (VAD) First Info Sec. First Info Sec distribution and value-added services will allow AppTec to primarily focus on the license business in upper-end medium-sized businesses as well as in the corporate sector. AppTec products are now available to customers in Middle East via VAD.

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