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Powerful software is essential for mobile device management

Mobile devices are increasingly finding their way into everyday corporate life. The reason: they contain numerous tools for communication, data access and presentation. As the number of mobile devices increases, their control and data protection is becoming ever more important. This is precisely where mobile device management using MDM software comes in. But what needs to be considered when selecting software?


Important factors in mobile device management

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First of all, mobile device management software should be able to reliably control, secure and manage mobile devices of all operating systems, in particular iOS, Android and Windows, in all application scenarios. In addition, user requirements must be met in full. Accordingly, MDM software should have a high degree of flexibility so that it can be adapted to the specific needs of users. APPTEC360 EMM is a particularly attractive solution that fulfills all of these factors. It enables effective and at the same time uncomplicated mobile device management.

APPTEC360 EMM impresses with its simple handling

APPTEC360 EMM impressively proves that MDM software that can handle even complex mobile device management structures can be intuitive to use. The software’s console is clearly structured, which makes it much easier to control business emails, certificates, automatic configurations and the separation of private and business data. If a user loses their mobile device or leaves the company, options for selective deletion ensure that all of the company’s security requirements are met.

Safety, controllability and adaptability

The APPTEC360 EMM software is based in particular on the three factors of security, controllability and individuality. When it comes to security, Apptec offers a complete package of functions that have been specially designed for BYOD solutions, among other things. It also includes encryption, whitelisting and blacklisting, camera blocking, “dual persona” to separate private and company data and centralized data access.

The control tools include the central deletion and installation of applications, comprehensive device monitoring, blocking of devices, blocking of synchronization and central certificate management.

The Apptec mobile device management system is also individually customizable. Companies decide for themselves to what extent they access mobile devices, what data they access and how communication is organized. Access to websites and apps is controlled centrally via black- or whitelisting. Company data is made available via the so-called “Secure ContentBox”.

Companies looking for centralized, secure, sophisticated and flexible software for mobile device management should definitely take a closer look at APPTEC360 EMM. Over 3,800 customers are already using this powerful solution.



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