AppTec customers will receive VPN technology free of charge until the end of the year.

Secure access to company data in your home office.

Via Virtual Private Networks (VPN), employees can also securely access company data from the home office. However, many solutions require the use of VPN servers, firewalls, terminal device apps, etc., which must be provided and preconfigured. Stumbling blocks such as compatibility problems often occur. With the AppTec Universal Gateway you get an integrated solution from a single source that makes these problems obsolete. Take advantage of this opportunity until the end of the year and get the AppTec VPN solution for free.

The advanced digital networking enables numerous companies to remain operational even during the corona crisis: Many activities can be performed by employees in the home office – and at the same time meet the demand for “social distancing”.

The company data required for this can be made available with the help of virtual private networks (VPN), through which users can securely access internal systems – just as if they were on-site at the company. In order to be able to react quickly in the current crisis, AppTec is making its VPN solution available to customers free of charge until the end of the year.

AppTec VPN supports Android, iOS and Windows 10 and is delivered together with the AppTec Universal Gateway. With this solution you will receive an integrated solution from one source, on one interface, which guarantees compatibility, security and a high level of user-friendliness.

These are your advantages:

– No more stumbling blocks as with the use of an external VPN: no separate app search to get the VPN up and running; no complex configuration, such as storing a server address or password.

– No installation required: AppTec Universal Gateway or VPN is a virtual machine and not software that needs to be installed.

– Whether surfing the Internet, working with a company app or chatting via Messenger – all data traffic runs over the company’s own network.

– Once set up, the VPN starts automatically when certain apps are opened (Per-App VPN) and routes all data traffic of this app over the company network.

– If all data traffic of a device is to be sent via VPN, Always-on VPN can be activated. This prevents any traffic to excluded sites (regardless of whether the site is accessed via browser or app).

Further information about AppTec VPN can be found here.

You want to use AppTec VPN quickly? Then contact me directly:

Mr. Simon Neuhaus

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Commercial information about the offer:

– This offer is only available to customers who have not yet licensed the Universal Gateway and have not received an offer for it in the last 90 days.
– Free deployment of our Universal Gateway will automatically end at the end of 2020.
– The offer only includes e-mail support. Full support is available upon request.

About AppTec

With its Enterprise Mobility Manager, AppTec supports companies in managing the large number of company-owned or private smartphones, tablets and laptops in an intelligent and controlled manner. The solution for managing and securing mobile devices features an intuitive management console and numerous useful security functions. The customer is free to choose whether to use an in-house server or the cloud-based AppTec offering – with server locations exclusively in Switzerland and Germany. Founded in Basel in 2011, the company has now won over more than 6,400 customers with its slim and easily accessible “mobile-first solution”.
AppTec is the leader in the current Crisp Vendor Universe Quadrant 2019 and has already received several awards as a leading solution.

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