AppTec has released the “Universal Gateway” with “Zero Touch Authentication”.

Imagine, that during the set up of smartphones and tablets you would never have to enter a password again and you can ensure that only devices which are managed by AppTec, have access to your email server.

This is precisely what AppTec’s Universal Gateway secures.

This is an enormous advance in security and a powerful simplifying of your employees’ initial set up for mobile devices.

Advantages at a glance:

  • The user opens their email application; receives a message, without having to provide the corporate registration credentials. The submitting of passwords is not necessary and no complex certificate structure needs to be installed.
  • The end user changes their own corporate identifier. The smartphone does not need to be actualized and the phone can be used continually, without interruption.
  • A hostile party tries to gain access to the end user’s exchange account, by trying to guess the password. However, this attempt is futile, because the system is extremely secure with our three-factor-authentication. In this case, the device acts as a hardware-token.
  • Only those smartphones and tablets that are managed by AppTec´s Enterprise Mobility Management can establish a connection to the email server. Additionally, IT can also define a guest list.
  • During a roll-out, the mobile devices can initially be placed into a quarantine and once additional tests have been performed, the exchange-admin can release them.

Additional optional implementations

Depending on the scope of the add-on (KERBEROS-authentication), the effort for the implementation can require between a half to a full consulting day.

On the licensing side, the “Universal Gateway” is free. However, it is only made available, when AppTec is contracted to perform the implementation.

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The following additional features were released with the latest update:

  • Role Based Access
  • URL Mass Enrollment for iOS
  • Mass Enrollment for Apple Configurator

The following features will be released in the February Update:

  • Installation of Apple Store Apps without entering the Apple-ID
  • Android for Work
  • Windows Mobile 10 Feature update

The following features are planned for first half of the year:

  • Compliance & Escalation
  • Custom Launcher for Android (Phone Creator)
  • Remote Control powered by Team viewer
  • Secure Browser with content filter and Intranet-Browser in conjunction with our Gateway
  • Windows 10 Laptop and PC support
  • OSX support

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