AppTec integrates TeamViewer on its EMM platform

AppTec has integrated the TeamViewer remote support tool into its AppTec360 Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) solution. This makes it easier than ever for IT administrators to support end users in the use of numerous devices and apps.

In concrete terms, the integration of the remote maintenance solution enables IT administrators to remotely control a large number of desktop and mobile devices with Android, iOS, macOS or Windows operating systems via the AppTec360 management console or to share the screen view with the users of these devices. All connections are encrypted. In this way, the productivity as well as the user experience of the end users can be significantly improved. This means in detail:

– IT support staff can easily connect to an end user via the AppTec360 management console.
– End users can easily set up a remote support session on a Windows, MacOS, Android or iOS device with 1 click.
– Administrators control Android Kiosk devices ad hoc (unattended access) and …
– … transfer or receive files to or from a device.
– … transfer setting such as a Microsoft Exchange account via push or back up wireless settings.
– … receive information about CPU, RAM consumption, battery status, memory and more.
– … see Installed Apps and running Processes

“With TeamViewer, AppTec360 users can easily establish a secure support connection within their familiar management console,” said Sahin Tugcular, CEO of AppTec360. “Thanks to the integration, users no longer have to put their problems into words and helpdesk staff no longer have to guess where the user’s problem is. Remote access and control of endpoints streamlines the problem resolution process, resulting in increased productivity and overall satisfaction for end users.

To use the integrated solution, companies need an AppTec360 license and a compatible TeamViewer plan. Administrators can set up TeamViewer via the AppTec360 management console and then connect it to an existing TeamViewer account. Further information about the integration and the required TeamViewer plan can be found on the AppTec360 landing page:

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