Apptec launches VPN-Interface in Universal Gateway

[Pressrelease] Apptec’s Universal Gateway functions as a reliable interface for companies between their mobile email apps and the company exchange server. Now the gateway also offers a VPN-interface for encrypted communication between apps and the company’s network.

AppTec has expanded its Enterprise Mobility Manager’s Universal Gateway by one VPN Tunnel, in order to facilitate the encrypted communication with the company network, for both the company and its employees. Via the interface, companies can securely connect company devices with the company network fully automatically and even limit the access to selected company apps, on Android smartphones. Additionally, the entire Android device can be connected via VPN, without requiring an additional VPN-Server or client.

Noticeably more Security with an encrypted VPN-Connection

“The preconfigured access restrictions in the VPN-Gateway, clearly provide a distinct increase in security when the company network is externally accessed”, says Sahin Tugcular, the CEO of AppTec GmbH. “In addition, companies can now establish an encrypted connection between company apps and the company network via the new VPN-Interface, to which no third party has access”.

Today, the AppTec Universal Gateway already functions as a reliable interface between mobile email apps and the company-exchange-server (Mail Gateway). In order to gain access to one’s emails, the user simply has to open their email application and then they can send and receive messages, without having to enter their registration credentials or password. Even the implementation of a complex certificate infrastructures can be eliminated. This reduces the workload for IT-support: during the implementation of email applications on company smartphones and tablets, the IT-staff never has to enter another password.

No Access from non-authorized Devices

During the authentication process the Universal Gateway checks each mobile devices’ serial number, that is trying to access the server. However, the only devices that gain access, are those that are registered in the AppTec’s Mobile Device Management and which are managed by the software. For example, this way the employees are not able to access company data via a non-authorized device or a device that was borrowed from a family member or friend.

Should a hacker try to gain an external access to a user’s Exchange-Account, by guessing the password, then the additional AppTec Mobile Device Management’s protection will be activated: The Two-Factor-Authentication provides a double protection. In this case, the mobile device functions as a Hardware-Token.

In order to prevent a simultaneous authorization of all companies devices during the set up of the AppTec-World, these devices can at first be placed into a quarantine. Only after additional testing, will the authorization be granted from the Exchange-Admin.

About AppTec

AppTec supports companies with its Enterprise Mobility Manager, by offering an intelligent and controlled management of a vast number of company or private smartphones, tablets and laptops. The solution for the management and securing of mobile end user devices differentiates itself with a Management Console, that can maintained intuitively and offers a number of useful security functions.
Here, the customer has the choice of using their own in-house server or AppTec’s Cloud-based solution, which has servers exclusively in Switzerland and Germany.
The company, which was founded in Basel in 2011, has already gained over 3800 customers with its compact and easily accessible “Mobile-First-Solution”.

AppTec is the leader in the current Crisp Vendor Universe Quadrant 2018 and was previously recognized as a leading solution multiple times.

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