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From Device, Policy, App, Content, to Security Management of Mobile Devices, AppTec360 covers it all.

Forward-Thinking Mobility Management
AppTec360’s EMM is a comprehensive IT control solution that is designed keeping in mind complex mobility-IT demands confronting modern companies. From device, policy, app, content, to security management of mobile devices, AppTec360 covers it all. The intuitive design of the console ensures that data from all mobile devices is visible in one single pane of glass view, and the solution is compatible with
all operating systems. To ensure that clients have seamless control over their sensitive content, AppTech offers ContentBox, an intuitive file sync and share tool for business professionals. With ContentBox users can easily share files, through simple drag and drop and point and click, with partners and co-workers and synchronize documents across laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. At the end of the day, it’s the IT team of an organization that decides onto which servers ContentBox should be installed and controls where all files are stored. Since security is AppTec360’s prime directive, ContentBox
is fully secured through enterprise-grade security systems, management tools, and governance policies.

Another solution through which AppTec360 ensures unparalleled security is AppTec Secure Privileged identity management (PIM) for BYOD and corporate and private data. SecurePIM encrypts all corporate data at the highest level and ensures that at all times sensitive data is protected from access by other applications such as WhatsApp and Facebook as well as unauthorized people. The Secure PIM app supports Microsoft-Exchange and IBM-Notes Servers, with the assistance of the active-sync-protocol. Therefore, the solution is fully compatible with Office 365 solutions and can be implemented immediately. Should a hacker try to gain access to a user’s Exchange-Account, by guessing the password, immediately. AppTec’s additional protection feature is activated: a two ­factor authentication, which provides double protection where the mobile device functions as a hardware token. AppTec360 EMM not only represents a secure architecture but it is also designed to combat future threats. For example, all threatened data can selectively be erased via remote control in case of a lost device, data operations by foreign apps

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