Mobile Device Management (MDM): Now also easily deploy and manage WIN32 apps

AppTec360 Endpoint Manager now makes it easy to deploy Windows applications to end user devices. The new functionality supports the granular management of software in EXE format as well as its centralised deployment on Windows computers.
Device admins can define certain parameters to determine in detail how WIN32 apps are to be installed on the computers of their end device users. For example, it is possible to install applications with or without the end user’s confirmation or only on devices with a certain version of the operating system. A check of the storage space before installation or the subsequent obligatory reboot of the device can also be specified. The app management tool also has a mechanism to detect whether the software is already present on the target device.
AppTec360 Endpoint Manager can now also manage common EXE formats
Mobile device management (MDM) solutions are designed to centrally distribute mobile apps to Android and iOS mobile devices. Until now, this only applied to Windows applications if they were available in certain formats (MSI, APPX or APPX Bundle), as used in central app stores. However, many manufacturers rely on the widespread “Setup EXE” format when developing their apps. Those who wanted to comfortably manage software in this format in a similar way to mobile apps were therefore dependent on an additional software lifecycle management solution. 
Another important component for Unified Endpoint Management
The enhanced AppTec360 Endpoint Manager eliminates the need for a second solution. WIN32 apps can now be conveniently controlled via the MDM of the Swiss software manufacturer. AppTec is thus further expanding its product portfolio in the direction of Unified Endpoint Management (UEM). Organisations now have all the tools and functionalities they need to control their end devices under the roof of a single solution. This includes not only the automated management of devices and applications, but also comprehensive security management to avert current security risks. 

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