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According to the most recent IDC study “Managing Mobile Enterprises” 54% of the employees in the surveyed German firms use their private mobile devices to perform work-related tasks. This fact presents numerous challenges and risks both currently and in the future. IT departments are confronted with the difficult situation of suitably meeting these challenges. On the one hand there is the need to enable the high degree of mobility that is necessary if productivity is to be increased. On the other hand, IT security and compliance regulations must be taken into account.

With AppTec´s cloud based mobile management solution an IT department remains in charge of the mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets within the firm by being able to manage and configure them quickly and from a central location. Even when it is a matter of the central installation of company-specific applications onto smartphones, we can offer you the right solution. With the Enterprise Mobile Manager 2013 you can install company applications onto devices with a few seconds or block undesirable applications by means of white- or blacklisting.

The solution is simple to use because of the intuitive management surface and moreover offers the highest possible security for the use of private devices in companies (BYOD),

With its Secure eMail Container and Enterprise Secure Browser AppTec offers a safe and rational strategy for securing company data when personal smartphones and tablets (BYOD) are used in the workplace.

With the Enterprise Mobile Manager safety conscience IT technicians can very simply meet their security and compliance regulations without limiting the users in the use of their devices or in their privacy.

AppTec´s “Data Loss Prevention” ensures that company data is protected against unauthorized access and the deletion of sensitive data by outsiders if the device is lost. In the face of growing and ever more complex threats AppTec´s security experts are continually working on solutions to problems that will challenge firms in the future. With its future-oriented solutions AppTec offers its customers the security that is indispensable in the present-day risk-filled mobility landscape.

Moreover, AppTec impresses with its unique innovative management console that requires no training and can be operated intuitively.

Sahin Tugcular, Managing Director of AppTec GmbH, explains, “AppTecs first priority is the combination of the highest level of security and progress and functionality, to always be one step ahead and to integrate everything in a unique management console.”

AppTec´s EMM 2013 will even be free for customers up to 25 users per device.

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