The free Virtual Appliance of AppTec Enterprise Mobile Manager is Now Available

AppTec announces that the Virtual Appliance of its Enterprise Mobile Manager is now available. AppTecs free mobile device management solution with its very intuitively operable management console makes possible the management and configuration of mobile devices from a central location. In addition, the new Virtual Appliance for Enterprise Mobile Manager 2013 enables the central installation of company applications onto smartphones from the own environment.

With EMM 2013 installation of company applications onto devices can be completed within a few seconds and undesirable applications can be blocked by means of white- or blacklisting. Moreover, this solution protects against lost of data on mobile devices as well as against threats directed at smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. If the device is stolen, AppTec’s mobile management minimizes the loss of personal and company-internal data.

Enterprise Mobile Manager 2013 (Build EMM1304GI) impresses with numerous improvements for optimal use in company networks. Noteworthy is the successful implementation of customer needs in the new Enterprise Mobile Manager–which points to a progressive and flexible solution.

New major features:

– iOS 7 support
– Free Anti Virus for Android-Devices

Next coming major features:

– Samsung KNOX support
– Integration of all new iOS 7 API´s
– Free ContentBox for content sharing on mobile devices

AppTec offers companies a free full license for 25 devices.

AppTec has been awarded with the certificate “Best of Mobile Solution 2013” – The Enterprise Mobile Manager 2013 impressed the jury and took its place in the top of more than 4,900 submitted entries.

The following mobile platforms are supported: Apple iOS Version 3.0 or higher, Google Android Version 2.3 or higher and Windows Phone 8

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