When wearables will play a role in companies

What opportunities does the smartphone, tablet and co. business offer?

Sahin Tugcular from AppTec talks about mobile device management and what resellers can do with it.

Interview with David Klier, Editor IT-Markt.

Who needs mobile device management?

Sahin Tugcular: Mobile device management makes sense for any company that uses smartphones and tablets for its daily work. Smartphones and tablets, whether based on Android, iOS or Windows, are increasingly becoming the primary and personal communication and productivity platform for companies and their employees. However, this leads to new challenges in terms of manageability, costs and risks that traditional IT management strategies and solutions are not designed to address.

How can the channel earn money in the mobile device management environment?

By selling our products and the associated services such as design, implementation, training and premium support services. Our multi-tenant software even gives partners the opportunity to host our software themselves and offer it to their customers as a hosting solution, thus becoming a cloud provider themselves.

What skills do resellers need to bring to the table?

Our partners should already have a focus on mobility and have sufficiently qualified technical and sales resources. In addition to their existing qualifications, each of our partners must attend technical and commercial training relating to our products.

What are the biggest challenges in the market?

From a technical perspective, the fact that the three different platforms Android, iOS and Windows dominate the market and that there are always different interfaces between these manufacturers, which we have to support as an enterprise mobility management provider. From a commercial perspective, international marketing for our products is very challenging.

What role do wearables (such as smartwatches) play in mobile device management?

We are currently in the process of integrating Apple Watch support into our mobile device management. We believe that the demand for wearables in the business sector will grow more strongly over the next 18 to 24 months.


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