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The Swiss software company Apptec has activated its Enterprise Mobile Manager 2013 for the first 700 pre-registered users in the past few days and is now offering the service to everyone.

The program combines the functions of device management with encrypted data containers for emails, calendar and contact entries on the managed mobile devices. It can be used to manage mobile devices with iOS operating systems from version 3.0 and Android from version 2.3. Apptec plans to implement support for Windows Phone 8 and the Android extension Knox in a few weeks.


The control console for Apptec’s Enterprise Mobile Manager provides information about the type, use and location of the managed mobile devices
Image: Apptec

The control options extend to the configuration of WLAN, VPN and camera as well as the enforcement of guidelines for passwords and data synchronization. Company apps can be distributed via a company-specific app store, including self-service by mobile users, while the server can block access to certain apps and use whitelists to specify which web addresses should be accessible from mobile devices. If a device is lost, it can be located, blocked and, if necessary, completely deleted from the control center; it is also supposed to send a preconfigured text message when the SIM card is changed.

The service can currently be used free of charge as part of a 90-day trial after registering on the website. Before the trial period expires, the manufacturer also wants to make its software available for download as a VMware appliance so that it can be used either permanently as a web service or “on premise” on a local server.

A one-off license fee of 19 euros or 99 cents per month for the web service will then be charged for each managed device. Companies with a maximum of 25 devices to manage can use both variants free of charge, but will then have to make do without the German-language support. (hps)


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