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Working with mobile devices is increasingly becoming the standard in SMEs too. The cloud offers good solutions for mobile device management.

Smartphones make it possible to work on the move

Enterprise mobility actually sounds like a corporation and data center. However, there is a whole range of solutions that are suitable for smaller companies. The focus is often on applications for mobile device management from the cloud. Combination products are also becoming established, of which MDM is only one part.

A typical example of the first type of SME solution is the Enterprise Mobile Manager 2013 from the Swiss company Apptec. In addition to device management, it offers encrypted data containers for email, calendar and contacts. The solution currently supports iOS and Android, with an extension to Windows Phone 8 to follow shortly.

In addition to the usual basic MDM functions such as remote lock/wipe, the cloud application also supports remote configuration of WLAN, VPN and camera as well as password policies and data synchronization. There is even a separate store for business apps as well as the option to block or allow apps and websites.


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