Enterprise Mobile Manager (EMM)

Managing Apple iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices with a intuitive management console.


Managing of Apple iOS, Google Android or Windows Phone smart phones and tablets presents many new challenges to companies. With EMM companies can now also manage and configure the new mobile devices with a comprehensive management solution no matter what the smart phone operating system is.

Even if it is a question of the central installation of company-own applications and smart phones, you`re at the right place. With EMM company applications can be installed on devices or can be black- and whitelisted.

The use of private devices also presents new challenges for the security of smart phones and tables. IT administrators must manage a wide range of various devices since employees increasingly want to use their smart phones at work. We can help you to easily secure all devices and the sensitive data stored on them and to mange them from a intuitive console.

AppTec Enterprise Mobile Manager can ensure that

  • only devices that comply with your guidelines, have access to company data and emails.
  • if devices are lost or stolen, you can delete your data with one click.
  • you can install your company`s applications on your devices fully automatically over-the-air.
  • your data is safe from unauthorized access.
  • you can centrally backup and restore data on your device.
  • you have all reports to your managed devices at a glance.

AppTec functions on all current platforms. All AppTec products are managed over a common cloud based management console that is operated intuitively.

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