Feature Highlights

Enterprise Mobile Manager

Mobile Device Management

Asset ManagementsuccessIcn
Inventory ManagementsuccessIcn
Connection ManagementsuccessIcn
Security ManagementsuccessIcn
Compliance ManagementsuccessIcn
Expense ManagementsuccessIcn
Backup & RestoresuccessIcn
Configuration & Restriction ManagementsuccessIcn
URL WhitelistingsuccessIcn
End of Life ManagementsuccessIcn
Containerization & Dual PersonasuccessIcn

Mobile E-Mail Management

PIM ManagementsuccessIcn
Secure E-Mail Gateway (AddOn)successIcn
Secure Messaging Container (AddOn)successIcn

Mobile App Management

Remote App Installation (Inhouse & Store Apps)successIcn
Enterprise App StoresuccessIcn
Kiosk ModesuccessIcn
Volume Purchase ProgramsuccessIcn
Black- and WhitelistingsuccessIcn

Mobile Content Management

ContentBox for iOS, Android, Windows & OSXsuccessIcn

Web Based Management Console

LDAP SupportsuccessIcn
Multi TenancysuccessIcn
Multi Admin Support (Role based)successIcn
Dashboard for SupportsuccessIcn
Self Service PortalsuccessIcn
Administrator Audit LoggingsuccessIcn
Privacy Setting (Dual Control)successIcn