Generally, the entire term of 24 months is invoiced with the delivery.
Our goal is to keep the administrative effort as low as possible so that we can offer you a cheap license price.
If you purchase more than 100 licenses, we can also invoice you annually on request.

The product is hosted in Germany at Plusserver.

Further information about hosting can be found at the following link:


Please note that the term is always automatically extended by the duration agreed in the initial order, unless you give written notice no later than three months before the end of the term. For the following period we charge the service costs at the beginning of the period.

Please transfer the invoice amount within 14 days after invoicing. Invoices for consulting and training are payable within 14 days after performance.

Yes, “Cloud Hosting” must be booked for use in the cloud with the “Unified Endpoint Management Package” license.

No, unfortunately this is not possible. It must always be in sync with the Unified Endpoint Management Package licenses.

Yes, please write us with your order the text “Adjustment of transit time for initial order”. Otherwise, each order has its own term.