What is the difference between Basic and Full & Priority support?

The difference between Basic Support and Full & Priority Support is as follows:


  • Basic Support (SaaS & On-Premise)

The basic support includes the clarification of malfunctions, as far as this is possible via remote support; the temporary assistance (development of workarounds) in case of malfunctions, as far as this is possible without changing the source code of the sold own products.


  • Full & Priority Support AddOn (SaaS & On-Premise)

In addition to basic support, full & priority support also includes clarification of questions when using our own products and clarification of operating errors, insofar as this is possible via remote support. Support requests are processed on a priority basis.


Exclusion of support services

Technical support for pre-installed third-party software delivered with the virtual appliance is excluded or available for an additional fee only. Third-party software includes Linux, Apache, MySQL and the virtual machine. Support for other software is not provided under this Agreement.


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