Digitisation at school: How easy it is to manage iPads and classroommaterials

School closures and distance learning during the Corona lockdown have once again demonstrated the importance of digitising schools and classrooms. Learning with digital media, such as iPads, enables teachers and students to work interactively with different tools that are optimally tailored to the respective learning content. This promotes participation in lessons – also after everyone has returned to the classroom again: All pupils, even with different learning levels, can follow the lessons more easily. And last but not least: Learning with digital media promotes know-how on how and what these media can be used for.

Manage devices and content conveniently with Apple School Manager and AppTec MDM

The central contact point for teachers and students with iPads and other Apple devices is the Apple School Manager (ASM). The web-based portal can be used to provide and manage iPads, iPhones, Apple TV and Mac computers as well as all content used in school operations. With the AppTec Mobile Device Manager (MDM), the management and provision of devices and content in the school and training environment can be carried out particularly efficiently and easily. AppTec MDM is easy to integrate with Apple School Manager and enables iPads and content to be reliably controlled centrally and data to be effectively secured – regardless of whether it is a school device or a user device.

AppTec Mobile Device Manager easy to integrate

The solution is suitable for use in traditional school settings as well as in other adult education settings such as businesses, government agencies or other organisations. Once the administrator has defined the structure that suits your organisation – for example, for user rights, profiles, app assignment, etc. – he or she simply reads it into AppTec MDM.

Create managed Apple IDs

AppTec MDM can be used to create managed Apple IDs that give teachers and students access to Apple services, such as iCloud storage, the Schoolwork app and allow collaboration with iWork and Notes.

Designing virtual lessons to fit

New devices, users and apps can be added and configured automatically via AppTec MDM. This way, teachers and students can start teaching immediately after launching their iPads. Apps and books purchased via ASM can be distributed directly to specific teachers, students or classes with the AppTec MDM.

Secure EU-branded product at an affordable licence price

The AppTec Mobile Device Manager was developed in Germany and Switzerland and complies with the strict EU data protection regulations (DSGVO). The solution is intuitive to use and includes comprehensive service and technical support. Schools can use AppTec MDM for only € 0.39 per device and month.

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