New Functions in the AppTec Enterprise Mobile Manager & Universal Gateway




  • Custom Launcher for Android


With AppTec’s Custom Launcher you can offer your users a completely new user experience.

Now, you can add an additional layer to the interface on all Android devices and thereby, lend a unified design to the devices and only display the Apps that have been authorized. The Custom Launcher is the custom solution for companies that differentiate themselves with individuality and their corporate identity.


  • AppTec Settings App


In conjunction with the Launcher, we have also developed our own Settings-App for Android. This means, that you can block the original Settings-App and only display the Settings-App with limited functions.





  • Android for Work (AfW Work Profile Mode) – (Free solution for BYOD)


The long awaited integration of Android for Work has finally arrived. For the first time with Android for Work, Google itself can offer the possibility to separate private from business data from each other. Additionally, Android’s native E-Mail App can be configured centrally for Exchange and you can purchase central Apps (Android VPP) and make them available to your employees.


  • Auto-Enrollment (Android DEP powered by AppTec)


With AppTec’s Android DEP, the enrollment of Android devices becomes child’s play. You only have to list the serial numbers or the IMEI-numbers on the backend, for the devices that are to be enrolled and then install the AppTec MDM on the device. The set up and the connection to the correct MDM-Server will then occur entirely automatically.


  • Integration of additional Policy Enforcement Modes.


Example: prohibit the command to launch an update.


  • Configuration options for Wallpaper


  • SYS App Restriction are maintained with additional Package names


  • Kids-Mode configuration


  • Prohibit Multi-User (guest mode) (Samsung Android)





  • IKEv2-VPN for iOS-devices


With the integration of IKEv2, you now have the option to permanently connect your iOS-devices via VPN to your company network, without any user interactions.


  • Auto Update for iOS devices


With this function, you can force iOS updates and thereby ensure, that all devices are constantly updated with the latest security updates.


  • Multi-VPP Support for iOS


International companies can now use their own VPP-token for each country.


  • Fonts can be defined on iOS-devices


  • New cellular configuration options


  • Various optimizing is performed on VPP and DEP


  • VPP B2B Apps problem has been mitigated





  • GPS-history for Windows Mobile 10


Logistics companies can now track the driver’s route with Windows Mobile 10.


  • Whitelisting problem with Windows Mobile 10 has been mitigated


  • Sys-App-Restrictions for Windows Mobile





  • SIM-cards management


With our new SIM-card management, you can centrally store all SIM-card information, such as carrier, tariff, costs, contract length, PIN and PUK, in one place.


  • The user left in the directory tree can now be sorted with various criteria.

For example: last name, first name, e-mail address, etc.


  • The size of the left menu (directory tree) can now be configured


  • Session Time Out for the registered administrator in the console.


  • Bugfix: the devices are displayed again, during the search for users.





  • The latest version of our Universal Gateway for e-mail, now also supports Cross-Domains and Multi-Exchange infrastructures


  • Various Optimizing


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