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What does the “SMS Device Enrollment Package” contain?

With the purchase of "SMS Device Enrollment Package" you have the possibility to send 300 enrollment SMS to the device via our SMS gateway. This SMS allows you to simplify the enrollment of devices that are, for example, outside the company. By means of this enrollment SMS, the employee does… ...

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What are the payment methods? Can we also pay annually?

Generally, the entire term of 24 months is invoiced with the delivery. Our goal is to keep the administrative effort as low as possible so that we can offer you a cheap license price. If you purchase more than 100 licenses, we can also invoice you annually on request. ...

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How can I get the free AppTec virtual appliance?

You can apply for the virtual appliance at the URL . With this appliance, you can manage up to 25 devices free of charge. It can take up to 24 hours for the virtual appliance and the license key to be delivered. Free technical support is only available for… ...

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Does AppTec also offer perpetual licenses?

Since 01.01.2017 AppTec no longer offers perpetual licenses. The AppTec software is only available as subscription model. Reason for discontinuing the offer: Our software is constantly updated so that the latest operating system versions are always supported. In order to ensure that the customer always receives the best user experience… ...

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What is Android for Work?

With Android for Work, Google is on a par with Apple in the central management of Android devices via a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution and enables, among other things, the separation of professional and private data. Android devices can be integrated as of version 4.0, Android for Work can… ...

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What is Apple DEP?

Apple helps companies deploy and configure their devices through the Device Enrollment Program (DEP). The program enables automatic registration, configuration and monitoring of Apple devices during setup through a Device Management Solution (MDM) - without the need for setup service or physical access to the device. DEP also allows Apple… ...

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What is Bring your own Device (BYOD)?

The private mobile devices of employees have become the preferred working device in many companies. The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) approach not only increases employee productivity and satisfaction, but also lowers investment costs for client hardware. The management of the different devices, however, means considerable effort for IT. In… ...

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What is Unified Endpoint Management (UEM)?

Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) brings the previously separate client management of PCs and mobile devices onto a single platform. UEM is a response to the fact that the boundaries between desktop, mobile and, increasingly, IoT devices are becoming increasingly blurred, which is why user companies are increasingly looking for a… ...

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What is Mobile Device Management (MDM)?

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a software solution for the central management of mobile devices. It can be used to manage, secure, support and configure smartphones and tablets throughout their entire lifecycle, independent of the operating system. For the effective execution of these functions, the administrator and his employees have… ...

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What is Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)?

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) stands for a comprehensive approach to the management of mobile devices in companies. A central component of EMM is a device- and platform-independent software solution that supports the central control and intelligent monitoring of the large number of company-owned and private smartphones and tablets. Among the… ...

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Do we get support during the trial period?

Yes, our support team will be happy to assist you during the entire trial period. We would also be happy to introduce you to the software, discuss your project goals and answer your technical questions during a free and non-binding online live presentation. ...

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