Since 01.01.2017 AppTec no longer offers perpetual licenses.

The AppTec software is only available as subscription model.


Reason for discontinuing the offer:

Our software is constantly updated so that the latest operating system versions are always supported.
In order to ensure that the customer always receives the best user experience and the most current API´s, the customer always needs the most current updates.
Through this approach, a very high level of customer satisfaction is achieved.

A subscription model ensures that you are always provided with the latest versions and can receive support if required.

To become an AppTec Value Added Partner, please complete the form below:

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Our partner advisor will then contact you and advise you.

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Please send your contact person at one of our AppTec Value Added Partners or send us an e-mail directly to with the following information:

– your contact details
– Your VAT ID number (if available)
– The product you are interested in.
– The desired license quantity
– The information whether you want to use it in the cloud or on-premise.

You will receive an offer with an order form from our back office. Please simply fill out, sign, scan and send by e-mail to